New York Will Be Burning


Over the last several days, I’ve been getting visions of the Summer of 1977 in my head. That’s the year that the Bronx burned during the world series game between the Yankees and the Dodgers. Although those were caused by criminal neglect of poor neighborhoods, the overwhelming message seems to be that the city is about to head into another dark period. When the Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson bravely indicted Akai Gurley’s killer Peter Liang on manslaughter charges, it was a decision that many thought would help to create accountability and justice for the people towards the oppressive police department. Instead, after massive protests by the Asian American community and threats by police leaders, Thompson sold out Gurley’s family by asking for no prison sentence. If the judge in the case, Danny Chun, agrees to the DA’s recommendation, this will see mass riots and anarchy in the streets of New York as some have already predicted. It will be one of the leading precursors to end of Mayor de Blasio’s career; either by bullet or conviction. It may also start off the long overdue overthrow of governments across the country that should have been initiated by the end of 2015 but may have been held off into April of this year instead. Regardless of the outcome, it is not a good time for the metropolis or the country as a whole. A major downfall is coming in the near future. It will be karmic payback to a corrupt city which feels it is above the rule of law.

7 thoughts on “New York Will Be Burning

  1. Where is s safe place to evacuate? What with HAARP etc., it seems bad all over. A few days ago, they sprayed chemtrails here. Seriously, there was an x right up above my house. But then the mosquitoes started coming. So many. More than I’ve sren in South Carolina on porches, garages, etc. I am afraid they may be trying to spread zika virus

    1. It’s hard for me to say because of the shifting alliances happening as we speak and the instability coming to many parts of the world. To be honest, if I knew a safe place to go, I’d already be there by now. I’ll let you know if I get any visions of clarity.

      Also, the Zika is a false alarm virus. Not worth getting too nervous about.

    1. Sort of different, but it’s not the first time a story like this has come about. I question whether it’s going to have legs or not. What I do know is that distrust of the economic elite will grow as a result of this, leading to long term revolution.

    2. Scratch what I said previously. Now that Cameron is being implicated in this, it might be a much bigger scandal than I initially thought. Could take him down.

      1. there was a protest today, Cameron is trying to weezle out of it by saying he should have been more open n will in the future. I just can’t see him resigning unless more leaks come out.

      2. Well you touch upon two things I’ve told you before.

        1) Those protests could be very dangerous if police repression is too heavy handed. That would lead to violence throughout your entire country.

        2) The longer Cameron refuses to resign, the more likely he is to be assassinated, as I’ve told you he would be. I confess that my dating isn’t always so good, but don’t distrust my prescience. Just because an attempt happens a year late doesn’t mean I wasn’t right about it happening at all.

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