There’s Only One Way to Stop Donald Trump Now


With Trump’s ever likely inevitably as the GOP nominee for the presidential election, many in the establishment are desperate to find a way to stop him. They have gone as far as to fight for a brokered convention to which they can nominate an alternative candidate. That will not only not work, but could see the assassination of any person who tries to take the nomination from Trump in Cleveland. Especially Paul Ryan as the threats on his life are greater now than ever before, the elite in the party need to realize there is only one person who can not only save the party from its own demise, but save the country from its inevitable demise as well. I would say that Bernie Sanders could do the trick, but I doubt Hillary or the DNC will let him anywhere near the White House. Instead, the GOP will need to do it for themselves and there’s only one person who can do the trick.

The tragedy in Rand Paul’s early drop out from the presidential race after the Iowa Caucus is that he was the only person who was suited to win in the event of a Trump insurgency. With him out of the way, the party has no one else who can successfully stop him. If the GOP elite were to swallow their pride, temper their neo-colonial ambitions and convince Rand and his father Ron Paul to take the ticket like they should have in 2012, then they could save themselves from the Frankenstein monster they created in Trump. I doubt that the GOP will do that, but anything is possible; hence why I’ve been inclined by the spiritual world in making this post. It’s an olive branch to a political party that I all but detest. I’m not interested in saving them, just the future of the country. To the powers that be that read this blog, take it into consideration, swallow your pride and do what’s best for the world. If you don’t, you’ll be single handedly responsible for unleashing another Hitler onto the world in our lifetime. You know I’m right, whether you’ll admit it or not. It’s not too late, but you better act soon. Time is running out and the clock starts now.

2 thoughts on “There’s Only One Way to Stop Donald Trump Now

  1. I just want it over with so we can be sure Obama leaves office on schedule. There are no good candidates really. Trump can be a brute too. Watch documentary called “I’ve Been Trumped” to see him in action. He puts the BLM to shame.

    1. Donald Trump is more than brute. He’s beast of revelation archetype that would cause mass deaths of humanity if he were ever successful in his quest for power. He’s ultimately not the ultimate evil because he doesn’t fit key qualifications in his character. I wrote about it a while ago and you can read it here.

      I also think that BLM is misunderstood. Although there are bad actors, the truth is the US was designed as a neo-imperalist slave state that is racially organized and brutal towards black people. Their demands for equality are valid and they will hopefully find justice in a system that is very lacking of it at this time.

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