A Very Important Article to Share

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I’ve talked about the intersectionality of Democratic corruption for a long time on this site. The best summary I’ve seen that explains much of my previous arguments came out just yesterday in regards to how corrupt the federal government really is under the Obama administration and why Hillary isn’t worried about indictment for her crimes. While it’s about New York corruption in particular, it shows how the web of corruption spins from the bottom of the political hierarchy all the way to the top of the cabals of power. Particularly damning are the following two paragraphs:


Before U.S. Attorney Bharara issued the public statement, indicating that he would be ending, for now, his probe of the premature closure of the Moreland Commission without bringing any charges, a move seen to relieve Gov. Cuomo of prosecutorial liability for reported efforts to thwart the work of the Moreland Commission, Gov. Cuomo had been reportedly escalating his relationship with Vice President Joseph Biden in an effort, described by Fredrick Dicker in a column for The New York Post, to end the Federal probe into his office’s dealings with the Moreland Commission. Gov. Cuomo’s sudden bromance with Vice President Biden was seen by government reform activists as a calculated move to make U.S. Department of Justice officials think twice about probing a political ally of the White House, seemingly creating the kind of a conflict of interest for career Federal prosecutors that Federal guidelines were supposed to prevent.

To the extent that Mayor de Blasio believes that he’s untouchable, he may be borrowing a page from Gov. Cuomo’s playbook. After being humiliated by knocking on doors in rural Iowa for the presidential campaign of former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, he’s now graduated to Clinton surrogate on the MSNBC cable news network. If it is true that a corrupt local or state politician can create political conflicts for prosecutors by strengthening their relationships with Federal politicians, then each of Gov. Cuomo’s and Mayor de Blasio’s forays into Federal politics can be said to have placed the U.S. Department of Justice in an awkward position of standing down from investigations in order to avoid creating a political risk to a Democratic White House administration during a heated presidential election year.”

And now you know why I do not believe peaceful reformation will solve anything and why violent revolution is inevitable. Without true independence of the judiciary, there will be no justice for victims of authoritarian and fascist governance by the economic elite in the United States. If this doesn’t clearly spell it out for you all, then nothing ever will. Those who are still hesitating to overthrow the government should take heed as time is running out in order to do so. There will be no reform. Only revolution will create salvation for humanity.