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Something seems off to me about Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. While I’m happy that Canadians finally got rid of that awful human being Stephen Harper, I get the sense that Trudeau isn’t all that he’s been cracked up to be in the press. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly that bothers me about him, but we’ll find out what my nagging suspicions relate to in due time. If I had to guess, I would said it seems to be more about his personal life than anything he engages in on a political basis; though I could be wrong and off base about that assessment. Just keep an watchful eye on this one. I think he’ll be amassing a lot of animosity towards him by the time you read this again this time next year.

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  1. we just had our welfare gov secretary resign over here yesterday. as our gov wants to do more cuts to the disabled to fund the rich. I have a feeling this is more due to brexit rift in gov, as he is for leaving the EU. this has now thrown the recent budget in tatters. cameron has issues now, rats leaving a sinking ship. what is your view where is this going?

    1. I’ve warned for a while that the situation in the UK would be incredibly dramatic. There are very powerful forces tugging to either stay or leave in the Euro; each for very different reasons. It’s so fuzzy at the moment that it’s hard for me to determine how it’s going to end up going down. I do know that chaos is coming and there’s a strong possibility of assassination for Cameron and death for the Queen. It also seems likely that the powers that be won’t allow a Brexit even if there is a vote for one, so that will cause more problems on top of the other ones in terms of the questioning of legitimacy of your government. It’s a pretty dismal picture from here on in. I can’t see it getting any better until the end of the decade.

      1. Nope and it’s only just the beginning. So long as the international powers continue their war of imperialism on Middle Eastern nations, these types of attacks will continue as they have for four decades now. The attack on Brussels is not new nor will it be the last. When the anti war movement finally succeeds, only then will tragedies like this cease. Until then, sad as it is to say, this will not be the last time a headline like this pops up in worldwide news.

      2. For the UK, no I do not believe so. Other parts of the world, however, won’t be so lucky. That’s not to say that your area will be calm. There will be violent mobs, but not a terrorist attack on that scale.

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