Why the Elite’s Attempts to Assassinate Trump Will Fail

Note: An update is below. Please read it. Thanks.

So it seems that the powers that be are desperate to eliminate Trump. The threats at his postponed Chicago rally last night and the assassination attempt on his life today in Ohio point the elite’s ever growing desperation of eliminating him in favor of one of their puppet candidates. The problem, as I’ve stressed many other times before, is that Trump is aided by the devil and his hellish order supersedes any mere mortal’s attempts to stop him on Earth. Only God can strike down Trump and he’s not ready to rid us of him yet. Now the elite have made Satan angry and I fear what is to come for their interference with his implementation of his master plan.

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As punishment by the devil for attempting to take down his new favorite child, I suspect the assassination curse placed on Trump a number of nights ago by the Illuminati will be directed at one of the establishment or anti establishment candidates instead. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s arch rival, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will likely take the sword in his place instead. Like how Madonna often supplants threats to her life onto others, Trump’s devilish support system shall accomplish the same fate. I’ve mentioned risks for three of the candidates previously, with Hillary the only likely survivor in such a scenario. With the base 7 anniversary plus 3.5 years (half of 7) of Ted Cruz’s past incarnation of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s death from a drug overdose in 1957 approaching, any of the other contenders have the risk of dying in his place, with the exception of John Kasich who is not seen as a threat to Trump’s rise to power. Which one of the four will take the bullet in Trump’s place is something I do not know at this time. However, I do know that Trump isn’t going anywhere and it’s not something the powers that be, or the free world frankly, shall be able to eliminate for the foreseeable future. Evil will run its course and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it in its tracks. The elite have unleashed this monster and the consequences shall be deadly for us all.

I’ll have some more biblical prophecy writings to share about this and other issues at another time. Pray for peace, but prepare for war.

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Update: It seems pretty obvious based on this tweet who Donald is planning to have the curse sent off to now. With how much the elite also hate Bernie Sanders, it may very well succeed. Pray for Bernie’s safety as rally disturbances are not something that he is unfamiliar with.

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