Messages from the Spiritual World


I had a very vivid conversation with the spiritual world a number of nights ago that is worth sharing with you all. I have hinted at evacuating from where I live many times before, but so far I haven’t been able to successfully do it. I keep having dreams of dying in a car crash off the side of a mountainous road and this paralyzes me to the point where I can’t gather the courage to pack up my things and go. In spite of my efforts, I am still unsure when I am truly going to leave my situation behind. In this conversation with the spiritual world, many things were revealed to me that I hadn’t thought about prior to this discussion. There are many things I haven’t shared with my readership yet that need to be addressed before I am allowed to leave my situation behind. Here’s what needs to be said that I haven’t really discussed before. Hopefully this is sufficient enough to satisfy the spiritual world.


One of the issues I’ve glossed over that needs a much more robust discussion on is the issue of American imperialism. It’s one of the things that makes the United States of America so evil and it’s why the nation will ultimately be forced into a major revolution. Some might believe that the US was simply designed as nation of freedom, but that’s not true. It was designed to ultimately be an empire. The founding fathers designed the country to act as a modern day Rome. As the US was designed to be like the Ancient Roman empire, it’s important to see that the US is currently much like Rome was in its heyday. Like all massive empires, they fall in due and the US will be no exception. The similarities between the two imperialist empires are endless and it’s why I’m confident in making that prediction as openly as I have in the past.


One of the major comparisons between the two mighty empires is their subsequent overseas expansions into other neighboring nations. It was not the original intent of the nation’s founders, but it’s obviously what it has become in defacto terms. US interference in sovereign governments is astronomical and very much underreported in the mainstream press. From Honduras and Vietnam to Iraq and Libya, the US has been nosing itself in our nation’s business for the last century and it has been largely responsible for making the world as unstable and chaotic as it is at our current time. The list of infractions goes on and on. All of this explains why no one takes what the US government has to say seriously. Until we can respect the choices of other nations, we cannot ever be a nation of good will towards all people. It is astounding that anyone would proclaim the US to be a beacon of freedom as its human rights record is appalling.


All of this comes as obvious decay has left the US’ infrastructure largely vulnerable to attack and without the resources to sustain America’s rapidly declining middle class. Corruption in politics is largely responsible for this, along with vast income inequality and a public that has become largely apathetic to this usurping of constitutional rights. Money buys elected officials with no moral compass or ethical character. A sign of an empire in decline is how the concentration of power stems from the many into the hands of the few. A change in structure that would eliminate vast disparities of wealth and reign in influence of a few would be the only way to save the US from its ultimate demise. Smaller governance is key to making this come about. Of course, I don’t see the elite handing over their power and so revolution is inevitable. Until direct democracy comes about, the people will continue to be oppressed by factors beyond their control and the tensions will linger until they explode into violence. In the aftermath of the revolution, I believe that things will improve for vast parts of the free world. That won’t be changing anytime soon unless action is taken in the here and now.


My main message that has to be shared to you all is about apathy amongst those with the means to overthrow the government (Anonymous and the like). People need to start taking action now. You’ve all waited way too long and have been apathetic when you should have been armed to the teeth in the streets. There will be no saviors to reform the process and there will be no peaceful resolution that will make all of these problems go away. It’s time for the overthrows that have needed to be done with was many months ago. Those who are delaying (and you know who you are) for fear of opening up wounds should get off the fence now and get into action as soon as possible. It’s the only way we’re going to change anything in our lifetime. Anything else is platitudes that will ultimately see society decline anyway. Until this revolution that has been mentioned previously happens, the grim future mentioned in my last blog post seeps into inevitably. Take this is as the call to arms to begin the battles that needed to be completed in December. It’s the only way anything is going to change that benefits the world’s people.

If I have anything to share, I’ll post another blog at that time. Hope this helps in the interim. Best wishes to you all as always.