A Little More to Say About the Presidential Election…..If It Happens at All


I know I’ve talked about this topic ad-nauseum, but it’s important to discuss and I have some additional information to share that will likely add clarity to a world full of uncertainty. Much has already been written about what is now the most contentious election in our collective lifetime, but I have some other thoughts to share as well. They have to do with dreams destroyed and where we are currently standing at this time. The future is beginning to build some clarity and not in a good way. Unless there is a major consciousness change within the next ninety days, the dreams of a positive future I have posted about numerous times may be delayed for a number of years; if those dreams are to be realized in my lifetime at all.


Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive nominee, but I still have a nagging feeling this may not be the case. There is an internal squabble between the FBI and Loretta Lynch in regards to the email scandal. As I’ve said before, she is guilty of what they are accusing her of committing, but Loretta Lynch refuses to defy President Obama’s order by pressing for an indictment on felony charges. His concern is that an indictment of Hillary means an absolute guarantee of a Trump presidency. He’s also concerned with insuring political payback for her assistance in saving him from multiple assassination attempts that have sprung up over the last several years. As a result of this apparent injustice, there is an internal revolt over the likely lack of indictment and when it’s announced on March 31st or sometime after that, a leak comes that shatters any doubt that there was any innocence on Hillary’s behalf. The chaos and instability that follows will see multiple assassination attempts on her life; as some have already speculated has spooked her to the point of wearing a bullet proof vest. She’ll survive these attempts on her, but not before she has alienated nearly every major power player calling on her to drop out of the race when the leaks threaten to undermine her candidacy. With Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren incapacitated stemming from their own personal dramas at this time, this leaves Bernie with nomination heading into the fall. This sets up a scenario which will lead us to a state of martial law and ultimately a governmental overthrow of the United States.


Trump, the Satanic devil on the GOP side of the equation, is continuing to take on a just as Satanic establishment and they are losing their fight against him. Some might feel that the powers that be win every time, but the devil has other plans that supersede the wishes of the economic elite. Around the time I wrote my original Donald Trump post, I hinted that he has the backing of the devil in the image I chose to present. This is because, at the time I wrote that, Donald Trump entered a pact with the devil to promise to serve his will and be a better force for his evil than any other Republican contender ever could. Satan’s will trumps all of the other establishment figures combined and that is why you have seen him knock out nearly all of his rivals over the last several months. Do not delude yourselves into thinking Trump is a savior of humanity. He just happens to have the ultimate support of evil and would make a potential Jeb Bush presidency look like a cake walk in comparison. I really wish Rand Paul hadn’t dropped out of the race right after the Iowa Caucus as he could have won the nomination at this pivotal moment in time. I knew that Jeb’s exit would leave a vacuum open and only a libertarian like Paul could have filled the void to the betterment of humanity. It’s why his name was mentioned alongside Bernie Sanders at the time I wrote my original Trump piece. It also upsets me that his defeat comes right after the defeat of his father Ron Paul’s presidential campaign four years earlier. Much of the evil we face now would have been averted if either of them were heralding the ship. Whoever told him to drop out is responsible for this calamity we are about to face. In absence of either Bernie or Rand’s leadership, what will follow will be described by future generations as the worst period in all of human history.


Obama’s role in deciding who his successor is will be key to whether or not an election comes about. The elites are panicked over this usurping of their power that we have seen over the last two years. It’s obvious by how hard they are attempting to shame and scare people into voting for their puppets. If the public continues to resist their calls, as I have said they will, then Obama may declare martial law and reveal to the world how the government is really run. Already Republicans and Democrats alike are threatening to defy the will of the voters. The more that these types of actions take place, the more the public will finally understand that the problem isn’t one political party or one candidate but a system that was never designed to work in the interests of the people.


In the event that Bernie and Donald were to face off against one another in the general election, then that election would be cancelled; the likeliest scenario at this point in time. A major false flag terror attack would happen in August and the prolonged instability resulting from it would lead to the cancellation of the election and the elimination of the constitution all together. Martial law follows and the purging of those responsible for defying the will of the political elite would follow. Mass arrests would take place as American forces would round up political dissidents, force them into concentration camps and slaughter millions who have dared to speak truth to power (likely including me and many of the readers of this website). The anger that this Satanic act would bring when revealed to the world a little while later would cause the long overdue civil war predictions originally made in 2014 to be fulfilled in their entirety a year later. The subsequent governmental overthrow would result in splitting of the United States into two parts and the destabilization of the new world order agenda for a lifetime or more. Obama’s presidency would ultimately bring the ruin and downfall of the United States of America and there is nothing the elite can do about it when all of this is said and done.


We the people need to remember that we are the ultimate deciders of our own collective destiny. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, as many will over the next few months. When we all come together, we will all win; to the demise of the new world order and the establishment that holds such a sinister agenda up. Peace shall then reign supreme throughout most of the world, even if some parts get left behind as a consequence of their own poorly thought out choices. Let’s envision this future together so we can make it one we see in the real world rather than just in our dreams at night. Best wishes to you all as always. I’m hoping this blog does the trick in changing the course of human history to where we are all allowed to be free. 🙂

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