Dreams and Predictions for March 2016

I have some updates to share later on this month, as my actual evacuation may soon be approaching, but I have some predictions and dreams to share with you all now. Hope this information helps.

1) The air has been calm. Too calm. I think we’re going to see the last month of aggressive push before Washington is overthrown in April. The tensions between the White House and Congress are approaching dangerous territory and what I predicted for December may be arriving at a delay of approximately fourth months. Watch for intense actions on the streets in the latter part of the month. That’s when you’ll know the end is near.

2) Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be indicted, but she’s guilty of the crimes she’s been accused of committing. Civilians follow on the campaign trail and attempt to assault her with a knife in the latter part of month, only to fail miserably. This comes as many more mishaps damper her chances to the nomination; if a nomination is coming at all.

3) Donald Trump may need to watch out for who is trying to undermine him. I have hinted for almost a year that Trump sold his soul to the devil to get elected to the presidency. It may backfire on him as other Illuminati forces will take him to war over his usurping of democracy. This may be one of the reasons we may see martial law come about in the nation. If Hillary isn’t the nominee, the elite may not trust either front runner and deliberately expose the reality that our country isn’t a democracy as it was never designed to be. Such blunt arrogance will see the elite’s final demise; long overdue.

4) More attacks on politicians in terms of physical violence is coming; in particular in the European Union and across the Middle East.

5) Finally, the economy’s woes will continue as more realities are exposed and stocks continue their decline from recession to depression. The trends on a day to day basis may be wavy, but if you look at the longer algorithms, they point downwards. Expect this to continue until there’s no more economy left to salvage from the rubble.

If I have more to share, I’ll post an ETA Update below. Best wishes to you all as always.

ETA 3/4 Update: I have two more dream based predictions to share. These are celebrity ones.

6) I had a dream about Chris Pratt falling on the set of a movie and his wife, Anna Faris, rushing to his side to pick him up only to be shooed away. My gut feeling is that Pratt is going to fall down in the next year financially and career wise. All while this is going on, he and his wife are going to be estranged in a marriage which will only result in a finalized divorce by early next year. Watch for news of their relationship’s unravelling in the near future.

7) I also had a dream about Anderson Cooper and Bravo host Andy Cohen. I think they are going to have a falling out, but not before it is determined by a genealogist that they share a common ancestor that makes them fourteenth or fifteenth cousins. Louis Gates of Finding Your Roots may determine this if either one of them is a guest on his show or a similar show this year.

I’ll share more below if it comes to me. Hope everyone is well. Best wishes as the end of the order is near.

ETA 3/22 Update: Another vision.

8) With Hulk Hogan’s victory against Gawker in court, I have a bad feeling that bad karma is coming to him in the near future. Something seems off on his vibes and I’m sensing death may be imminent. Russian investors are involved in Gawker’s organization. Don’t put it past them to kill him off if it means preserving their ample investment. Hogan needs to watch for his safety in the near future or he’ll be heading to the graveyard very soon.

EYA 3/30 Update: Probably the last predictions for the month.

9) I had a dream where a car was being driven on a forest based highway. In the car was some high end senator and his driver. During the course of this ride, the vehicle is taken hostage by terrorists and one of them barks that the driver speeds up while holding a gun to his and the senator’s head. As they speed up on this road, a truck in front of them steers out of control and a collision follows. This is when my vision blacks out. I believe, based on this dream, that a hostage situation in a car will result in the fatality of all of the passengers involved. I couldn’t make out very well who the passenger of prominence was, but I suspect it’s a high end US or European dignitary or legislator as they were white. The terrorists may have also been white as well, but it could have been an offshoot of ISIS as well. Something to keep an eye on for the news in around August or October.

10) Susan Sarandon is courting controversy over her views that she won’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she attains the nomination. This kind of sentiment will only get more fervent and see often times threatening reactions from Hillary land. This will forebode doom for Hillary. In the meantime, Susan should watch her safety as the powers that be may try to attack her physically in the very near future.