Intestinal Parasites


This is a gross prediction about parasites that live inside humans based on my personal experience.

I listened to some interviews with Dr. Group about his Paratrex cleanse (Global Healing Center).  I researched parasites and recently gave it a try with my son.  It is a six week cleanse and we are almost finished.  I thought it made sense because I have cats and dogs and live in Texas where a lot of parasites thrive.  However, without getting into details, I’m completely horrified and shocked by what came out of the both of us so far.  Long story short, we have seen actual worms coming out our nose and in our stool, thanks to this cleanse.  Before you judge, you have to wonder if you are one of the lucky 10-2% of Americans who don’t have this problem and not know it.  You have to wonder if, as they say, 1/3 of your stool is actual worm stool.  You have to wonder if a layer of what you think if fat isn’t actually worms.  Do you have cats or dogs?   Did you run barefoot as a kid?  Did you eat raw sushi?  Did you eat meat?  Did you get travelers stomach problems?  Did you travel to any third world country?  Did you eat veggies or fruit imported from Mexico?  Did you have sex with someone who has worms?  Could a worm egg have been air-born as you slept and made it’s way into you?  I’d say the answer to these, and many other questions about worms is yes, you most likely have a long lasting community of worms inside you right now and their generations upon generations.  They live in your intestines, you lungs, your sinuses….just as sure as your cat or dog gets a worm you see with your own eyes your worms are there but you are in denial that such a gross thing could be happening inside you.

I’ve researched this issue a bit more and I think that the Hindus are correct that all health begins with the gut.  I think diseases have their root in the gut and these horrifying parasites that deprive the body of nutrients, exude their toxic waste inside us and create all sorts of diseases ranging from a host of neurological disorders to cancers to sinus infections to acne to depression to everything!!  Even Dr. Kellog was correct that the the bowels signify your health (read the ‘Road to Wellville” or watch the movie).

I am even more horrified as I realize that, in fact, most of the world is aware of this problem and has methods for de-worming their populations.  I spoke to people in the middle east and the orient and they believed it was normal to de-worm their children.  Even before the 1930’s in America we had ways of ridding ourselves of this common aliment.  One of the basic elements of pet care for dogs and cats is regular de-worming……no one asks hey, why don’t doctors treat kids and adults for worms or even check?  Why are they so quick to write scripts for meds instead?  Stats prove that over 90% of Americans suffer from worms.  Further, worms are known to cause a host of serious diseases and death.

I think that Big-Pharma knows darn well that we are all suffering with worms and would rather cash into medicines that treat symptoms of diseases than eliminate the cause, worms. One thing that comes to mind is all the zillions of people on anxiety and anti depression medicines.  Did any doctor check form worms before prescribing these medications?  Well, worms are a major cause of anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.  No, they just jump to a big pharma cure for symptoms and never ever fight the cause.  Studies link worms to diabetes and cancer.  Big pharma would suffer not selling so many drugs!!!

My prediction is that humans, especially Americans will soon awaken to the fact that they have been radically lied to about the Big Pharma worm cover up deception that sells all the drugs treating the symptoms but never getting at the root of the diseases:worms.  I believe that people will become obsessed over cleanses and getting rid of worms to stay healthy rather than focusing on treating diseases.  When they focus on ridding themselves of worms the diseases will largely diminish.

If you read this and are not getting rid of your worms then you choose to keep them and become sick with all sorts of diseases.  A special thank you goes out to all the doctors in my life who never once checked form worms in my kids or myself or my family.  An extra special thank you goes out to the doctors treating my son’s chronic sinus issues and croup that have completely gone away since a four inch worm came out of his sinus on this cleanse he is taking.

I only wonder how many of the doctors are idiots and how deep the big-pharma deception really goes regarding worms inside human beings.  I know it is absolutely disgusting but take the cleanse and see what comes out and you’ll be horrified forevermore.


A health revolution is clearly pending.











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