Bad Feeling About Scalia’s Death


I’m no fan of now deceased Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, but something is very fishy about the manner of his death. This has the makings of a potential cover up murder and one man would have his hands all over his carcass. If the President did it for the reasons that I believe he did, then our country is going to be in for a major crisis; one that will most certainly send our country into civil war and our world into a catastrophic World War 3. Pray that I’m wrong, but this isn’t a good sign with my instincts all in whack.

10 thoughts on “Bad Feeling About Scalia’s Death

    1. Normally, I would agree with you. From a partisan perspective, I’m on the exact opposite of the political spectrum and I have no self interested means of supporting someone who was so deplorable in life. However, I have to call it as I see it, even if it doesn’t fit into the narrative of how I feel politically. I’ve had a couple of confirmations from the spiritual world and it just feels that it was a murder. We’ll see in due time, but I have a very bad feeling about this.

    1. Yup. Fake ceasefire for show. They can’t stop the runaway train now. They’ve had many chances, but fundamentally the elite aren’t to change without a fight and so a fight it is. Sad, really. Many innocent lives will be lost because of arrogance and greed.

  1. Speeding things up…Obama, Killary and Harry Reed, want to rule with iron fist! And they have already started with Hammonds & Bundys! It’s coming and I do not think we will see an election! April – November window we will start seeing web they’ve been making!

    1. It’s very possible there won’t be an election. I wrote about this in my predictions for the year. Even though I agree with the President on some issues, his personality has corrupted too far and I can’t see him giving up his seat without a fight. He doesn’t trust any of the people in the running to be his successor and so this lays the ground work for potential martial law. I hope I’m wrong, but a lot of historical precedence backs up my thoughts. Thankfully, once this is over, peace will reign supreme across the United States.

  2. He was pronounced dead over the phone (which is not normal) they allowed family to refuse autopsy (which under circumstances is also not typical) he was already embalmed and flown to Virginia…..all not right.

    1. Agreed. The more that details come out about the manner of his death, the more suspicious I get. Congress should order an autopsy immediately before the body is destroyed permanently. That could stop Obama’s appointment legitimately. Hopefully it’s done before it’s too late to do so.

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