This May End Bill de Blasio’s Career….If Death Doesn’t Get Him First


I’ve made several mentions to the fact that Bill de Blasio may be heading to the exit’s of life soon enough. However, there is one way for him to avoid dying by assassin’s bullet and it’s not any more pleasant than a premature death. As de Blasio has begun to fulfill much of my initial prediction on him, his obsession with banning the city’s horse carriages is starting to raise alarms. It’s entering quid pro quo territory, a fate which destroyed his friend Sheldon Silver and currently keeps his enemy Andrew Cuomo up at night. If Preet Bharara and the Department of Justice decide to indict Bill de Blasio on bribery and extortion charges, then this would end his career and also snuff out any assassination attempt or death from other causes. Of course, death could still be in the cards for him, but if jail is his ultimate fate, then he’ll be saved from a premature death. At this rate, however, if the sentence for such charges is as long as I think it would be, then he’ll wish he was assassinated first. At least an early death will be better for his legacy.