Dreams and Predictions for February 2016

I haven’t done one of these in a while as my psychic feed has been a little hazy as of late. However, I’ll share what I’ve been able to pick up and hope it’s enough for now.

1) The Zika virus scare is not like my flu epidemic prediction made months ago and instead is more like the panic I made from this time last year. The reaction to this deadly virus will be worse than the virus itself.

2) When I saw Beyonce’s super bowl performance, I had a very bad feeling about what’s going to happen to her. There were three women I said could be Satanic sacrifices this year and now I’ll add Beyonce to this list as well. Her politically charged performance is only the start of what you’ll see other artists perform this year and it is going to infuriate the powers that be in a way they haven’t been before. Watch for some safety slip ups in the near future. She’s going to find that she’s not as vulnerable to attacks as she’s been led to believe.

3) I have a bad feeling that, at the end of the month, a snow blizzard worse than we’ve seen in years is approaching. We’ve already seen a bad one for the east coast of the US in January. I think what’s coming at the end of the month is worse than that. Watch for it soon enough.

4) Finally, pedophilia is coming to the forefront of the news as several major Hollywood directors are accused of sexually assaulting young men in successive order. This will shake the industry to its core and threaten its prospects once and for all. Not a good time for the business and box office sales are effected as a result.

If I have anything to add, I’ll post it in an ETA below. Hope everyone is well. Best wishes to you all as always. 🙂

ETA 2/12: Yup, there’s an update already. Another dream.

5) I had a dream about Ellen Degeneres and how she was on stage wearing a wicked witch costume miserably lip synching to some song. I feel this could be both a literal prediction (she makes an appearance on the TV series Lip Sync Battle in the near future) and a figurative one (she’s going to be pushed into production deals she’s unhappy with and the public will turn on her for some reason in the near future). Either way, it doesn’t sound like things are going to go so smoothly for her. I feel sorry for her, honestly. It’s not going to be happy end for her in the year ahead.

ETA 2/14: Another dream.

6) I had a dream of a torrential flood and a newscaster reporting on it. She was standing in nearly two feet of water and the whole town was covered in it. Cars were flowing through the sewage and buildings were being leveled by the pressure of the waves. This spring or summer may have torrential rainfall that results in some of the worst flooding we’ve seen in many years. My vector of dating for this time would between the months of April and October; primarily in small towns across the world. I didn’t get a specific location, but I’m fairly certain this will effect the Midwestern or Southern United States. Of course, this could also be torrential rainfall for some place in Europe as well; Scotland, Ireland, England or Wales. Watch out for the weather forecasts at this time. If you live in these areas and don’t already have flood insurance, prepare to buy some now. You’ll thank me when the repair bills comes at that time.

Additional 2/14 Update: And another dream.

7) I had a dream about comedian Amy Schumer. There were complaints about her on the set of a movie project she was working on and the crew was saying she was a spoiled brat. She kept having fights with the crew, some refusing to work and then much of this tension heated up at a restaurant where a fight broke out. Ever since Amy Schumer collaborated with Madonna last year, bad things have been happening to her. From accusations of plagiarism to anger over comments to children, much animosity has already turned on her. I fear that the worst is yet to come as there will be a major blowup on the set of her show and a public rebuke follows suit. When this is all over, her prominence on the A-list will fade forever.

19 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for February 2016

    1. It’s already melting down. Look at the NASDAQ chart, for example. Down over 1000 points from the June 2015 high of 5200 to 4200. If it goes below 4000, even the mainstream media cannot deny that it’s approaching a depression. Or how about the DOW, eking in the 15,000 territory from the over 18,000 range in May of 2015. Or the S&P which is down to 1,800 from 2,200 last year. The point is collapse has already been underway since January. Sure, it’s not happening when I initially predicted it would (the only thing I cop to this my inaccuracy in dating and not in my prescience) or as rapidly as I expected it would be either, but it’s undeniable that it’s already happening and defaults are coming soon enough. The real panic comes in the spring time. By April, the worst of the rioting and violence makes an appearance once more.

      1. I started last month on stacking up on tin food goods they are safe in the attic. Also i have wind up torch etc if need be as i am sure there will be black outs. When you say riots and violence are we talking ATM not working etc? here in UK.

      2. Good and bingo on the ATM. Some advice for you. Take out cash amounts slowly over the coming weeks. Maybe $100 or a few hundred each time, but leave some in there as not to raise suspicion of the government which is increasingly looking to crack down on cash withdrawls in the coming months. Have about $5000 to $10000 in emergency cash on you (I do, by the way, I take my own advice) and keep stock on water as well. That’s the most important thing because although you can go days without food, you can only go 48 hours without water. That should be sufficient for now. Hope this helps.

      3. hmmmm looks like it might be a rally for the markets for a while. dow futures are up n europe. and yellen later she may pull back aand remove rate hikes. I noticed the banks where quickly to come out n defend themselves nothing to see here we are rock solid eveything is awesome. investors are buying into words again.

      4. There are always rallies on a downward trend, but the trends overall steer down. None of that is going to make a difference in the long run.

      5. The Deutsche Bank is rumored to be going under soon as well as the Bank of Japan. However, I don’t think the big bank failings will occur until April. Look for news on it at that time.

      6. Yes. This isn’t the worst of it. The impact of what’s actually happening won’t be felt until then.

      7. Trending downward overall. Remember, there were rallies leading up to the great depression as well.

  1. re: #4 hollywood is putting out a movie about the Priests and those young men they molested its coming out on the big screen. I just saw the previews in the past 2 weeks.

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