One of These Women Will Be a Satanic Sacrifice This Year


I know what I’m about to write sounds morbid, but it’s necessary to have this out here in case this actually goes off without a hitch. I’ve mentioned this kind of thing before, but it’s time to give an update on it now.

It’s been about four years since the death/potential murder of recording star Whitney Houston. The elite are long overdue for another Satanic sacrifice of that proportional kind of magnitude and three women are in immense danger of succumbing to that very same fate. Sacrificing Bobbi Kristina Brown wasn’t sufficient enough for them and a more powerful sacrifice must take place in order for them to please their all mighty God, goat demon, Baphomet. These are the three women most under consideration right as we speak. All three have seen major risks to their lives before and this year may bring them closer to the graveyard yet.

The number one target, as always, is Madonna. She is a former Whore of Babylon candidate turned washed up 80’s has been and it’s showing in how the media has been treating her in recent days. Her life has been at risk many times before, buts she manages to deflect the danger onto someone else when it gets too close to comfort. The reason she keeps surviving is the belief that she can fulfill the role and bring about the new world order. She’s getting older and her grip on the masses as slipping every year. The time is running up for her and she’s at risk of sacrificial death in 2016. It’s in obvious in drama that has followed her on her tour that has preceded the rejection of her by her daughter, Lourdes and her son, Rocco. All of these bad things happening at the same time is incredibly dangerous for her. Coupled with the infamous stage pull last year that nearly killed her and it’s a recipe for disaster in the near future. If this trend of bad luck goes on for much longer, then it will lead to her death at the hands of the elite. I have predicted her death for many years, now but this time she may not be able to save herself any longer. Watch for what happens to her next month. Her death could be the ultimate sacrifice that the Illuminati has ever performed, being at a level of mass attention unrivaled since her sworn enemy, Michael Jackson.

Speaking of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson is a wildcard candidate that needs to be watched closely. Janet has already had a major health scare last year and is currently at a major low in her otherwise successful career. It’s now 7 years since the death/potential murder of her brother and she’s in real trouble this year if history stands to repeat itself once more. She and Michael’s children need to watch out for their safety. Coupled with the relative deaths of Bobbi Kristina’s death after her mother and the odds also don’t play out well for any of them. While Janet has not been vulnerable to this kind of danger before, Michael’s children have; making it all the more dangerous for them in the near term future.

Finally, Mariah Carey is target that I’ve blogged about before who needs to watch out for safety again this year. She has been at risk many times before, including events that occurred last year and in 2001. Mariah needs to survive this final year of danger in order to live out a relative peaceful rest of her existence here on Earth. If she just hangs on until January 1st 2017, then she’ll be safe until it’s time for her to pass on from a ripe old age of senility. Until that time occurs, she needs to keep an eye out for future threats to her life in the near future, especially since her billionaire fiancee, James Packer, is someone who has a bounty on his head and hers may be decapitated along with it.

Watch for the fate of these three women in the near future. Only one of them will go, which would spare the other two perhaps for the rest of their lives. The question is who among them will the Illuminati ultimately choose to picked. If all three can be saved, that would be great, but that cannot occur, then they have been warned and their murder will no doubt be revealed despite a cover up that the elite will attempt to make in order to save their own asses from rightful retribution. This is definite proof that murder was the cause rather than whatever reason they will give at the time. Mark my words now, for all three of these women, it’s only going to get worse this year from here on out.

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