Warning to Sweden


I know there are a lot of tensions right now in Europe about the migrant crisis, but there needs to be a restoration of order on this issue. I’ve been reading some troubling reports developing in Sweden over angry natives beating up and threatening to kill migrants over reports of rapes by migrants of Swedish women. If there’s a problem, the entity to take issue with is the Swedish government refusing to prosecute the migrant rapists and not the migrants themselves fleeing war torn regions that lay victim to western imperialist policies. I have to repost this warning I made about Sweden in December of 2014.

“Sweden: A nice place to be if you are of Anglo Saxon origin. However, if you are non-white, prepare to face a purging that will give even Hitler pause. The people of this nation of are good spirit and heart, but their racism will get the better of them during this war. There will be punishment for centuries of this institution being the way that it is. I wish it didn’t have to happen, but God works in mysterious ways.”

If this violence against migrants continues, God is going to punish the Swedish people and yet another one of my prediction’s will be fulfilled a little later than I originally expected. Be cautious of your next steps, Swedes, or the consequences will be devastating for your entire nation.

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    1. I mentioned what should be done in the article, blame it on the governments, but don’t take it out on innocent migrants who are only trying to escape imperialist violence. My warning stands as written.

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