Why Chicago is So Important in Regards to Defeating the New World Order Agenda


Finally, it’s done!

Some might find this hard to believe, but Chicago is becoming an important center point in the already underway civil war that is happening in the United States as we speak. It’s no coincidence as this is the political home of corrupt President Obama. Several issues are culminating together in the city that will spill over nationally at this time. I hope to summarize those and to give you all something to lookout for as the city becomes a much bigger news item over the next few cycles. It has a lot to do with ultimately defeating the powers that be and ensuring a future where our government works in the interests of the people rather than the deep state that fuels the power of old money.

Many months ago, I forewarned that Chicago was going to be in for a tumultuous time. Laquan McDonald’s death by police shooting exposes progressive lies of their concern for black lives mattering to them in a way that goes beyond just getting them to the polling booths. Rahm Emanuel, puppet of the elite and former Obama advisor, is being exposed for fraud and cover up of this heinous murder by police. The anger stemming from this has fueled as “Resign Rahm” campaign that is picking up steam as we speak. This has the potential to go all the way up to Obama and Clinton’s center of power as Rahm has worked with both of them in previous capacities. It’s not good for their agenda as it’s being exposed for the genocidal regime change that it really is. It also has the potential to turn African Americans away from the Democratic party forever, a development that would stall the Democrats to a turning point where they are ultimately on the way out from the political landscape. The chickens are coming home to roost and a 49 year shift of allegiances seems to be on the horizon for the future as we speak.

The corruption from aggressive police tactics stems from anger over the police state that we all live in. The Guantanamo Bay Prison torture scandals were important during the Bush administration because of the fear that it could come and be used domestically. Why this is important is because it’s already being brought home and unconstitutionally used on American citizens as we speak. It’s no coincidence Obama hasn’t closed Gitmo because he supports their tactics being used abroad and at home. The Homan Square torture site scandal in Chicago is proof positive of this point. The facility engages in tactics like those at Gitmo, but used on American citizens rather than international terrorists. These facilities are unlawful and unconstitutional and similar to Nazi torture practices. It’s also happening in New York at Rikers Island (a facility I’ve warned would see jail break out) and the Clinton prison facilities (where a jail break out happened last year). Combining this with executions in the street by police similar and it’s obvious that we’re living in a Nazi police state. The resistance to this is much stronger than the elite had ever expected, but that only inspires to crack down on repression even harder. That’s why terror is brought up so much in the media; to justify this usurping of republican rights and force the masses into complicity of forcing this evil agenda down their throats against their own free will.

Rahm Emanuel is certainly not alone in his government’s complicity to this purging of Americans as it goes from the top to the bottom of the food chain. Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner’s bought his government’s office that pays for this brutal police force in Chicago. He’s complicit in this scandal as well, as are many other politicians, including Obama. Challenges have been stopped to their power and democracy has been crippled by financial interests. From Chuy Garcia and Zephyr Teachout to Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, the elite have shown a disdain for the popular vote and are working to undermine the little peaceful measures that the public has in terms of political power in order to justify such an unequal system we all live in. It is backfiring on them and the massive protests in the streets is a testament to this point. Unfortunately, the militias like the Bundy’s are the only true way to free ourselves of this serfdom. It’s taken them a longer time than I’d anticipated to grasp this, but the realization is slowly coming to fruition.

Speaking of the protestors, they are fulfilling many of my predictions I made last year about the civil war. Despite regressive police tactics, street gatherings are growing and getting more intense. The economic damage is imminent from their various actions, most notably the Black Friday shutdown in November during the busy holiday shopping season. The government acted fast a result to try to drown down the scandal, but momentum is building to accomplish even more than the piecemeal reform being offered up on the table. Other actions included the building occupations occurred in Minneapolis and the recent protests over the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Sometimes these actions are met with armed weapons and crushed by brutal government force, which will only provoke Bundy like actions that occur again in the near future. As the elite work to repress popular movements, the escalation of tactics by the people is only going to get more volatile from here on in. The government will eventually murder one of the protestors in one of these conflicts. When they do so, the gun fire is only going to get far more intense than it already has and flare up into a military conflict that results in long overdue governmental overthrow.

Governments around the world in danger of implosion, but nowhere is that more imminent than in the United States. Rahm Emanuel’s life is at risk, as well as many other treacherous politicians. He could simply be arrested, but death is a distinct possibility as well since I’ve seen such a scenario in my visions as of late. Hid assault rifle ban may have been sustained by the supreme court, but don’t look for other forms of gun control to be sustained as well. This will only see more escalation in the form of gun purchases and government’s failed attempts at gun buy backs, gun confiscation and unconstitutional gun courts. Obama has become the country’s greatest gun salesman, taking him aback in a way that is sounding alarms at the white house. I had a dream of a citizens arrest of Obama two months ago and yet another white house jumper happened right after that. This shows that this threat isn’t to be taken likely. Militia armies will occupy Chicago, Washington DC and many other parts of the country as they have already in Oregon (and I have more to say on this at another time). When this occurs, almost all of my civil war prediction will have been fulfilled; even if some if it was stalled into the early part of this year.

On a separate note, I originally thought that aliens might be involved somehow in my original prediction on Chicago from last year. That may still be the case, but so far it doesn’t appear to be that way. That could change if alternative news sites start posting such information, which I will reroute to at that time. This violence we’re seeing in Chicago could be part of the broader civil war or something separate all together. Either way, this looks like a prediction fulfillment and it’s only going to get worse from here on in.

The other important thing to note in Chicago is Israel’s involvement in sustaining their government. It seems an inconsequential to say, but it has more of an impact than many people realize. ADL’s financing of genocidal police departments across the country is a big spurrier of the violence we are seeing and it will come back to bite them in the ass when they least expect it. As Fefe has made clear before, America, Israel and all of their allies are not on the good side of this war. They have joined a cabal of evil and retribution will be coming to them in a matter of days; months at the latest. It’s sad that it’s had to get to this point, but apathy can lead to situations like we’re seeing in cities across the United States.

Hopefully, future generations won’t wind up making the same mistakes as the Baby Boomer generation before them did. Watch for what happens next as its crucial for the fight for humanity’s collective freedom. Chicago is an important city in all of this as chaos, despite its many contradictions; both politically and culturally it’s leading the way in the fight for freedom in our collective lifetime.