2016 False Flag Warning

I have several reasons to believe that the US government is planning a chemical biological false flag attack that they plan to blame on ISIS terrorism in order to declare martial law and take away freedoms/guns.

I mentioned before that I found a pamphlet at a Texas public school that was about what the government would do regarding a terrorist attack of the biological/chemical nature.  The creepy pamphlet was sitting in the lobby at a Houston public school.  It detailed how the government would take the kids to a ‘secure location’ (FEMA Camp).

We know that they are drilling schools going to FEMA camps and parents are not being told and not allowed to pick up their kids.  I personally think that in order to get more people into the FEMA camps they will take the kids first and parents will have no choice but to want to join their kids when they cannot pick up their kids.  They will say its all about safety, etc….LIES.

I did a review of this pamphlet about Texas school responses to biological/chemical attacks and YOUUBE censored my video.  The main question in my video was, “what false flag is the government planning for our kids?”

I was listening to Hagman and Hagman/ Dave Hodges and Steve Quayle and they had several shows about potential government planned false flag biological/chemical (Chlorine) attacks that are false flags the government is planning to blame on ISIS in order to usher in martial law.

Just this past Friday they are ushering in the most creepy martial law type privilege for Obama that allows him to declare war for any reason, any time (totally unconstitutional).

They won’t use these words.  FEMA camps they will call ‘re-education camps or fun camps or safety camps.’ Martial law will be called ‘state of emergency or recovery plan or something like that….’


I just want to log this in my predictions.  I don’t believe my Youtube video was censored for no reason in conjunction with others in the liberty movement sounding an alarm about the very same things.  Let us hope that whistle blowers come forth and stop such a horrible attack.  According to the Hagman and Hagman show the government has chlorine units all over the USA ready for a false flag attack.  This is very upsetting.