2016 Warnings from Fefelove

  1. Urgent need to stock up on food/ water and water filters.  This is the very first prediction I made and the most recurring dream I have.
  2. Zombies will eventually be understood- perhaps the need for food or some disease will shed light on this idea in our society and media….beware of zombie like diseases and the need for food.  I’m not the only one sounding strange about this these days.  People like Steve Quayle have been warning about this very thing from his prayers and discernment.
  3. According to my discernment we need to beware of the mixing of human genes with animal dna and computers and the demonic realm.  I’ve noticed a lot of articles about AI taking over and becoming evil.  What they don’t talk about is the demonic use of AI singularity/ transhumanism where demons create for themselves bionic computer biological mutated human-animal bodies which are like gods.  I don’t think my warning is very obvious to scientists and is easy disregarded.  This danger is very real.
  4. Humanity needs to give a resounding “NO” to one world religion, one world government, one world currency and any mark of the beast.  Every day we need to reject their NWO agenda.  They want a consent and a surrender of free will.  We have to consciously reject their evil plans.
  5. Never surrender your guns.  Never register and never ever compromise on gun rights.  Do not willingly become a slave.

I stand by my 50+ predictions and have much more to say but I want to focus on these top five points at the moment so that they are seen as important and not lost in a sea of information.