2016 Psychic Predictions from Liam

I know there are a lot of blogs that I need to get on completing, but this takes priority as I’m way behind schedule. Usually blogs for 2016 psychic predictions are ignored by this point, but hopefully readership will engage with this post anyway. I won’t list all of my psychic predictions for 2016 now, but these are some of the most contentious and important ones to discuss as they take a hold as we enter a new year in a very dangerous position for the preservation of liberty and justice in our lifetime.

The first thing I think about is President Obama. It’s his last year in office and he’s itching to push his agenda down the throats of Americans without much of a public debate. He claims that these thoughts are “conspiracy,” but the fact that he’s even openly addressed it shows he knows we’re onto him and he’s not going to push his NWO agenda without a fight. He’ll still attempt to do it, but with much resistance that has been and will continue to be met. He’ll say Bush didn’t get this much scrutiny during his time in office, but contrary to his belief, he did and karma is coming to strike him down soon enough. In addition, unlike Bush, Obama isn’t as anxious to leave office when his term is up; one of the things I hinted at all of last year and it’s why I’ve been having such a hard time determining who might be president in 2017; if we have one at all. If my worst fears are realized, then elections may not happen and instituted martial law comes instead.

My writings of civil war were partially fulfilled in 2015, but they were also based on hopes that came from positive vibrations in the universe at the time. Many of those predictions failed to come to pass or were blunted by aggressive force. Instead, due to how long the public has waited to fight back against oppression, the struggle will be harder to overcome, but ultimately can still be fruitful. It’s just going to be a bloodier fight and will require more determination than ever before. The President will fail in his gun control agenda and there’s nothing he can do about it that will stop it in its tracks. What’s happening in Oregon is only a preview for what will happen more as we enter the spring time. The fight of power against the people will shape up in many different ways throughout the corresponding year ahead.

Hillary, Bernie and Donald. Three names that are thrown around in the media and scaring the powers that be for various reasons. Whether’s it’s due to a lack of enthusiasm/criminality or due to the real threats to upend the status quo, the elite are scrambling to take control of a process that has but been rigged in their favors. This is manifesting in the shuffling decisions by powers that be in regards to who they want to win in the primaries. It has gotten so extreme that some have even taken to recruiting former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to run as an independent. With all of the chaos as we approach the Iowa caucus, I can’t get a determinative reading because the elite still haven’t decided who will work best in fulfilling their interests. They want to stall tide of revolution and are trying to factor in who will cause the most pain versus who will keep a grip hold on their power more sufficiently. Hence, you’re even hearing some argue for Bernie Sanders because he’s a lesser radical than a flat our government overthrow. Some have even suggested that we may need a fascist to keep the left wing in line, as I’ve suggested before, hence the elite’s quite changing of their opinion on Donald Trump. Hillary can also be effective, but they are wary as the FBI is still deciding whether to press criminal charges on her (they may not if President Obama has anything to say about it, something I’ve hinted out in a previous blog). Don’t take too much credence with what they are saying just yet. When they decide, you’ll know who is likely to become President of the United States; if one comes to power at all.

A fate that I really thought we could avert has come onto our timeline. World War 3 approaches as I write this. Iran’s political instability is imminent and it has nothing to do with US imperialism (surprisingly). Hard liners to the right and revolutionaries to the left clash in the streets of Tehran in the summer time and leave their President no other choice but to clamp down on the violence. This results in another insurrection with ISIS trying to fill the void, but failing to take refuge there and fleeing over to neighboring Iraq instead. This causes the violence to spread throughout the entire region and ultimately makes its way onto European shores via migrants and a flux of aerial bombs by hijacked fighter jets. This madness won’t end in the Middle East and Europe until 2020 which will be a much better decade for us all. US involvement in this conflict is limited as we’ll need to clean up the mess we’ve made here at home. Sad to say, this is a nuclear war and it will be one that humanity will never forget.

Celebrity predictions are not as important to me this year. Much of the focus of most Americans is away from Hollywood and onto issues of real importance. As such, save for few major scandals, much won’t be happening in regards to news on celebrity affairs. Rock music comes back in a big way this year, as well as a resurgence of underground hip hop. Hollywood’s financial implosion imminent and it will manifest itself into a transition to practically all blockbuster films for the near future by 2018. What I find so ironic about the Oscars drama this year with regards to Black actors is that it is a predictor for the end of the Academy Awards as big budget movies almost entirely take over for indie productions. This drama in the Academy with its voters being out of touch with the people will only get worse from here on in. Instead of becoming more inclusive, they will become far more elitist and will fall as a result of their own arrogance. I don’t feel sorry for them and neither should anyone else. When a similar ceremony arises in 2020 for indie films and high end television, they will have wished to change their ways before it is far too late to do so.

The UK revolution I predicted for last year is already underway. Cameron’s cheating becomes more mainstream as Nigel Farage looks to sabotage his efforts to keep Britain in the Euro Zone. Jeremy Corbyn rises in the polls and there’s an assassination attempt on his life in August as a result. Prince Charles fights for his life as there are attempts to take away his rightful place as future king of England. Contrary to what some will believe, it’s not his children, but Rupert Murdoch, who are aiding these efforts to sabotage the monarchy. These issues flare up and cause a constitutional crisis which threatens total collapse of the EU and of Europe as a whole. It’s bad to see these royal scandals coming forth considering the last crisis of the throne precipitated World War 2. The same issues are at play here, except Charles does end up becoming King of Europe and will be for 25 years or more. Contrary to public opinion, William is going to have to wait his turn. Charles has waited for far too long.

France’s elections see Marine Le Pen rise in the polls. Watch for her as she’s very dangerous and could cause a massive hostile takeover in Europe that results in a bloody civil war.

South America’s heated tensions will calm this year. Despite a rough end in 2015, 2016 will be a much better year for the continent; particularly in Argentina and Venezuela. I also think that the Rio Olympics will run smoothly and that it will be a rebuilding moment for a continent that was on the verge of implosion.

Africa becomes a center of power in 2030, but before that, evil flourishes and much bloodshed is seen. The good news is that once this ends, it will end for a lifetime or more. The bad news is how much more blood will spill before we get there. It’s a mixed bag, but one with a happy ending nonetheless.

As I’ve predicted before, Kim Jong Un may be declared insane by China and assassinated as a result. Hesitancy to commit the act comes from the likely reunification of Korea that comes about from his downfall, which is holding a lot of this prediction off. No matter what delays occur, the western powers will win out in this battle and China’s grip hold on the region falls by 2018, 2019 or 2020 at the latest.

While Benjamin Netanyahu has held onto power in spite of the severe threat of invasion by its neighboring nations, Israeli’s will remove him by absolute force if necessary in a few months time. It’s no mater because the nation will collapse in the next few years, precipitated by a collapse of the Palestinian Authority. It’s sad that Israel has to fall for a third time, but at this rate, it’s becoming an inevitability.

Finally, the economy has come into a period of correction and the downfall is only going to get worse. Watch for market signs coming upwards one more time before a mad selling rush ends this fed inflated rally once and for all. It’s sad the elite have prolonged the misery, but the beast will die soon enough.

22 thoughts on “2016 Psychic Predictions from Liam

    1. Correct and that’s the tragedy of it. With the elite desperate to try to stay in control, they will go on a suicide mission and everyone suffers. Unfortunately, they have the power to pull this off. I’ll update you with more information about this at another time.

    1. Mhmmm. Delayed by a number of years and now it’s fulfilling. I’ve warned that the longer they waited, the more devastating its going to be. I’m sad that it’s come to this. Hopefully much of the pain can be blunted.

  1. There is a lot of talk in the Media and various blogs about Hillary being indited and Biden stepping in to “save the day’. Hillary will withdrawal from the race claiming Heath issues and at some point after the election, Obama will have the charges dropped…. Will any of this come to pass? I really wish Joe B would just retire and be there for his sons kids and his other grandkids. I like him and see him being used by The powers that be.

    1. I have my own personal insights into the cabals of power and not one person there in an influential position right now is a good person; Joe included. If he were to have stepped up as President on the heels of an Obama assassination a couple of years ago, then he would have governed like LBJ and led our country’s youth into another Vietnam like quagmire in the Middle East. Listen to his most recent conflicts on military action in Syria and you’ll see what I mean. That would have tanked his legacy and he’s lucky he avoided that fate. Most of what you’ve said is most likely the truth, but a lot of this stuff is fluid at the moment. Watch for reaction from the FBI in regards to Hillary’s scandals. A revolt there could see an entire collapse of the government.

    1. Agreed, it’s hype. If you scan my predictions last year, I wrote about a hoax like this that would lead to trouble because people would overreact. They should calm down or the hysteria over the virus will be more deadly than the virus itself would have been.

      1. good. I take it we are still on track for economic crash?. also I was going to ask about the oil glut issue I have a feeling it will end badly.

      2. There’s a quick rebound as the Fed tries to rally once more, but it will crash further and they will panic when the Nasdaq falls below 4000. Watch for this as that’s when the alarm bells finally are sent off on the front pages of newspapers around the globe.

      3. Down. You should check out this website that I occasionally contribute to called New Prophecy. The owner often talks about how world war 3 is expected to come about and rising food/commodity prices comes alongside a downfall of oil prices. Oil’s low prices won’t make up for inflation in everything else in the near future. That’s where the real scares are.

      4. well it is on the slide down again. oil looks to be a serious issue now. plus big companies like BP laying off thousands and massive drop in profits. this whole oil falling issue is dangerous do you think?. Oil companies defaults on loans next effecting banks?.

      5. Of course and combine that with plunging real estate prices, food shortages and governmental instability and you have an economic collapse ten times worse than what I’ve been predicting for the last several years. I wish they would have allowed this to occur sooner as it’s only going to get uglier the longer they wait to let inevitability finally occur.

      6. Yes. If it gets too volatile, it’s one of the triggers that prophets have foretold starts World War 3.

      7. also the nuclear war you mentioned, I have a vision in my mind of something like that flim the road as an aftermath I hope it does not come to that. did you notice iran made some deals today with France I think certaim people will not be happy.

      8. Of course they will not be happy as Iran isn’t the wonderful nation everyone says it is. Don’t confuse my condemnation of western governments with support of the Iranian regime. They have their own problems to do with; ironically similar to what is happening worldwide.

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