Selena Gomez is Really Asking For It

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.21.28 PM

I know I’m long delayed on a number of different blogs, including my long overdue Chicago piece and my 2016 predictions, but this is a major concern. I just learned that Selena Gomez starred in the critical of Wall Street movie The Big Short that’s getting Oscar buzz this year. This is very bad for her. If she’s accused of challenging the powers that be, then her death may be approaching on the 21st anniversary of Mexican singer Selena’s murder. I thought 2015 was the vector of danger, as previously written, but being only a year off, and seen by some as being on the precepts of a big year, is a very dangerous sign for her. She needs to continue to watch out for her safety or her death may be approaching, this time with Illuminati influence at hand.