So here’s the deal. Fefe and I have been busy over the last month and haven’t had time to post. I know I’ve been meaning to share a number of blogs, but personal matters have gotten in the way. All I’m going to say is the following:

When I said my timeline for civil war was potentially off by four months, that means we may not see a full overthrow until April. I have some stuff to write on Oregon and the stock market finally crashing soon. In the meantime, prepare accordingly. Things are only going to get worse until they get better.

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  1. Hello,

    Great to hear from you again, dare i say “the economy is looking really bad now” sentence. Looks like it may have started, are we in for a rough wide crash, or a very big crash worse then 08?. Also oil dropping wow i assume this will have bad outcomes?

    1. The problem is determining what the elite want and how much of an influence the public has on determining the course of the market place. Many people may not feel a great depression because there will be a lot of distractions to shift attention from there. World War 3 would most likely be imminent if these downward trends continue until the end of the month. Have you seen the tensions in Iran and Saudi Arabia? Expect those to get worse if the NASDAQ chart falls below 4000. Also watch for unrest in US cities, Russia deciding to advance militarily in Eastern Europe (which eventually becomes a problem for the UK) and more calls from nations to disband the Euro Zone (not just Greece). Those will determine how bad things are going to get and how long we can expect this madness to continue. I don’t believe this is going to outlast April, but it could be extended longer. Watch for those things and I’ll share more updates soon. Thanks for checking up.

      1. The sanctions have been lifted against Iran, i suppose this could be a good thing as a lot of west energy, gas companies will strike deals with them. So in effect this could stop an incoming crash as profits could be made?

      2. Bad thing actually.

        1) Opening up trade with Iran means that there will be an over abundance in oil, sending prices even lower and further crashing the economy.

        2) Iran’s new influx in cash will mean that they will be sending more money to terrorist groups that wish to do us harm. If you thought the tensions with Saudi Arabia are bad now, just wait until you see what happens when both Middle Eastern super powers begin to fight for full dominance in the region. The Suni/Shiite war will begin in kind.

        Watch for Russia’s actions as well in determining winners and losers. Some prophets say these actions are the beginning of World War 3.

      3. just heard slowest growth in china for 25 years. yet china markets in green?. I take it gov has stepped in to move market higher. overall 2016 is not looking good n we are only 3 weeks in. reminds me of that skyscraper fire back on new years eve, a bad omen?

      4. By government stepping in, you mean shutting down the markets and arresting anyone accused of selling off, right? Because that’s what is happening and why I’ve known these years of stock market rallying have been an entire farce. It may be that they can’t keep the bubble inflated anymore and soon it will pop. Very bad sign for the entirety of the world and China is certainly not alone in their misery.

      5. Hello,

        I meant the China gov propping the market up with leverage. To me the crash has started now that much is clear, even MSM or hinting something is not right, even some banks warning about slowdown in 2016. I watched events today with the Dow jones it tanked big time again, but the manipulation near the end was obvious and laughable desperate even.

        Regarding the Iran issue, sanction lifted i am not sure when they start selling their oil but do you see oil price going lower?.

        Noticed there are starting to be big layoffs as well, but i am wondering when the next Lehman brothers is coming.

      6. It wasn’t specifically on my list, but I’ll try to throw in something about the economy when I get around to posting my 2016 predictions. Hope this helps.

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