The Final Countdown


It seems that with Paul Ryan slipping the Orwellian Spying CISA bill into the must pass budget bill this week that the final countdown to the long foreseen bloody march on Washington is coming now. By Christmas morning, should this bill pass with CISA attached to it, the streets of Washington will spill with blood and several lawmakers who voted for it will immediately be assassinated. This is an urgent message as prevention of this prediction rests upon actions taken within the next 48 hours. If congress is bullied into this unlawful usurping of constitutional rights, then their treachery will be made as an example to all as the end of their lives draws near. My timeline about the civil war may not be so inaccurate after all.

2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

    1. But who is to say what constitutes “doing anything bad”? In ancient times, being a Christian was “doing something bad.” So was having an opinion contrary to the government, or a desire to want cash or own gold, or the right to bear arms. The point is giving omnipresent governments absolute power means absolute corruption and ultimately a tyrannical dictatorship. It would be an attack on liberty and God given rights to freedom. This is an aberration of normal discourse and would have consequences for the entirety of the world in validating a New World Order, One World Government, Big Brother surveillance system. For you to not see that is for me to question just how strong your understanding of end time prophecy really is…..or are you not really as “Christian” as you say you are. 😉

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