I’m seeing a lot more health care fraud. I’m seeing massive decline in services and cares. No one following regulations and laws. And huge pushes from Doctors on big pharmaceutical demands.

Now I have been within and around health care for 20 or so years off and on…took a break from it all when I had children, until they reached school age.
Everything I know is simply not being followed. Institutions rounding people up like cattle and treating them awfully! Treating them like business transactions and not as humans!
This terrifies me! The urge to avoid unnecessary is very strong!
I am auto immune so I have learned to educate myself on what I’m putting in my body. And if I won’t put it in my body, I won’t put it in my children’s bodies!
I’m seeing everything I once only saw at VA….but at all health care places!
I knew I’d see it eventually, but I never imagined so quickly.
Doctors not listening to patients. Doctors talking at not to patients….

This is a big area people need to keep an eyes on.