Dreams and Predictions for December 2015

With the year approaching its end, I have to confess that I didn’t expect the elite’s tight grasp on the public to last this long. After months of starvation, rioting and murders, you’d think most of the masses would have woken up by now. They can’t stay asleep for far too much longer. As I’ve said before, while my date vectors aren’t always precise, the order in which things happen remain exactly as I’ve predicted it. I need to get better at dating. Perhaps a recourse on numerology will suffice, but I’ll share some information on that, along with many updates for predictions I’ve already made coming into fulfillment, in the very near future. In the meantime, here are my predictions for December of 2015.

1) I had a dream of a boxing match between two fighters. Both were kind of vague shadows, but one of them had an aura around him like Elvis Presley, the king of Rock n Roll. Perhaps this means that an Elvis like figure in the world of victory comes out from behind to declare victory in Las Vegas. I don’t follow boxing, but this may very well be another Muhammed Ali moment. Why I say this was because in the second part of the dream, I saw this Elvis like figure being escorted to his car through a crowd of adoring fans. In the group was a cowboy with an assault rifle that was looking like he wanted to assassinate this boxer. I don’t know if this means that a conservative activist may try to assassinate this boxer, but this person, who I could not identify, should watch out for their safety. They seem like they’ll survive this attempt on their life, but its better to be safe than sorry.

2) I keep feeling like war is coming. The news on the ground in Syria troubles me and the fact that the elite keep managing to survive crisis after crisis is astounding. They can’t possibly keep making it out alive by their chinny chin chin. From the near exit of the Euro Zone currency by Greece to the literal coup on the conservative base by establishment GOP figures in the election of eventual traitor to the cause Paul Ryan (you might as well have elected Nancy Pelosi as it essentially will resolve into the exact same thing), the fact that they keep hanging on is not a sign of strength, but of luck and vulnerability. Eventually, they will fail. What specifically can go wrong, it’s hard for me to say. They always manage to get themselves into some sort of crisis. They could fail as a result of a Brexit (UK leaving the Eurozone) early next year. They could fail as a result of the US government shutting down in the next week or two. They could even fail as the battles in the Middle East threaten to turn into World War 3 (though our friend at New Prophecy Michael Mcllellan has told me that WW3 can’t really happen until Russia occupies most of Eastern Europe, but who knows what Putin or his successor will do if their own instability continues on unabated). All I know is that with so many bandaids of a spilling damn, eventually the water will seep out and economic collapse follows suit. At this time, I could see a major correction as soon as a week ago, though the powers that be may be waiting until next year to “prove the naysayers wrong” and then tank the markets when the public least expects it. When the public thinks that things are alright is when the time for such a reversion is most imminent. Watch for signs of turmoil soon enough. This charade can’t go on for very much longer. Eventually, reality makes it way into our very rigged stock market system.

3) New Years Eve seems to be at risk of a major terrorist attack this year. I had thought the terrorist groups might try it on January 1st of this year, but those efforts may have been thwarted by outside sources. Not this time. As ISIS grows in strength, they may successfully attack the celebrations in New York this year. For the last five years, I have had a vision of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin doing their broadcast as bombs are set off in the background and panic ensues. Those risks have not diminished. In fact, they have only grown and it’s more likely to occur this year than any other year in living memory. Be watchful for celebrations and try to stay home if you can; especially if you happen to live on the east coast of the United States or live within a 100 mile radius of the London’s city center.

4) More truth is going to come out in the open this month; as I’ve said before in regards to the Abu Gharib prison scandal, but also into the truth about ISIS and who is really holding the cards in regards to their rise to power. You will be shocked and angry to know what’s really going on. It’ll make itself know, whether the powers that be want it to be known or not.

5) Finally, a few new figures need to be on the lookout for threats to their lives this month. In addition to the previous warnings for Mario Draghi, Paul Ryan and Angela Merkel, Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, secretary of state John Kerry, secretary of defense Ashton Carter, FBI director James Comey and controversial Jewish rabbi Boteach Shmuley, are at risk for assassination attempts on their lives this month. All of them should remain vigilant, but they should also keep a lower profile than they’d like to. All five want attention. All five will regret that ego driven decision if certain individuals have their way with them.

If I have anything else to share, I’ll do so at a later time. Best wishes to you all as always.

12/8 Update: Another dream prediction.

6) I had a dream of a fight that I had with Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson and how he refused to hear out from anyone who disagreed with him. I then got the visual metaphor of a book closing on him and it ends his life and or career. What this means is the Deray, Netta and Shaun King are going to be exposed in the near future and they will lose out the support of the majority of the public. This isn’t going to end well for them, but thankfully African Americans will find strength within themselves to advocate for a system that truly provides justice for all.