Death for Cameron

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Many months ago, I wrote that David Cameron cheated in his re-election campaign against Ed Miliband and that the truth would come out shortly. Despite rumblings of stories that made their way out at the time, no major scandal came about as a result of that horrible misdeed. For the last several months since that contentious election result, Cameron has been siphoning into dictator like territory that has already created months of unrest in the streets and is already threatening to tear the entirety of the United Kingdom apart. Similar to what is happening in Chicago (I’ll write about this another time as I have a lot more to say in regards to what is happening there), the unrest is creating a situation where bloody revolt in the streets is becoming inevitable. After the contentious vote to stay in the UK by rebellious Scots last year, Cameron made a comment that he’ll now be wishing he hadn’t uttered at the time. I warned what was to come earlier in the year, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. However, if the streets are packed with marchers against the recent authorization for war in Syria, then then his life, along with that of many royal family members, will be in immediate danger. While her majesty and her family will make it out alive, Cameron won’t be so lucky. Unless Jeremy Corbyn is able to force the parliament to make a full 180 on this disastrous policy decision, then Cameron’s blood will spill by years end….and ISIS won’t be the group responsible for his assassination.