Alex Jones’ Huge Mistake

donald trump alex jones

So Alex Jones decided to have Donald Trump on his radio program today and the media is making a huge deal out of Trump’s “validation” of his “conspiracy theories” (not really theories, but facts). Quite frankly, the biggest mistake was Alex having Trump on in the first place. As I’ve written before, Trump is a beast of revelation archetype who will lead humanity astray if they fall for his deception. If Alex doesn’t catch onto this soon enough, he’s going to live to regret this decision to get in Donald Trump’s camp. I think he’ll see the error in his ways soon enough and return to his friend Rand Paul, but there’s a chance that he won’t; hence, the motivation for writing this piece. Alex, you have been warned. Don’t make a mistake that will ruin your karma for a long time to come. You were wise once before. Don’t be unwise the second time around.