Why the News Isn’t Telling You the Truth


I think it’s important to publish this note as it will help clarify something that has come up in my correspondences with many of you. Many readers have been asking me why a number of my predictions haven’t come about as I’ve said they would. While I would argue that many of my predictions have come about; sometimes delayed, but sometimes perfectly on time, the truth is I have been of the suspicion that the media is deliberately lying in order to cover up what is really going on. It makes it difficult for me to gauge the accuracy of my predictions because we live in times where the truth is always hard to come by. I have to showcase what I’m referring to and why some of the things I predicted came to pass after all; even if the media won’t acknowledge it occurred.

This whole thought process started after a correspondence with a friend of the site. It came about as a result of an email from our friend Michael Mcclellan at New Prophecy; a case study on the predictions of Nostradamus in the modern world. (Note: We don’t ask for donations personally, but Mike really needs to financial help right now. He has been living in near poverty and needs any assistance you could provide. If you could donate to his website, we’d really appreciate it.)

Anyways, here’s what he wrote when I brought up this subject matter with him about a month ago.

“We are now living in a world where the truth is always in doubt. And in that kind of world, predictions and prophecies are often going to appear flawed or wrong. Its one of the reasons I haven’t been rating my predictions for a long time now. There is no empirical, realistic way to do it in a world where the news media constantly is lying and hiding (or changing) events. In addition to revisionism in history, we are daily witnessing revisionism in current events.”

This is in fact a very truthful statement. I have found that many of my predictions were fulfilled at or around the time I said they would be, but the media made little to no mention of this fact and, hence, it’s been difficult to track. It’s why I post fulfillment posts months after the event happened. In a world where the truth is covered up, it’s hard for me to find out what is really going on and, as a result, harder for me to showcase it when fulfillment occurs. It’s why I often link to “alternative” news sites, even if “mainstream” media throws doubt at their legitimacy. Conspiracy websites can often provide this information and should not be discounted just because it seems whacky and nonsensical. Like any piece of information, one should trudge carefully, but also be often to having your world view shattered when necessary. It’s the only way to know what’s really going on when the media and the government aren’t so apt to telling you the truth.

Then the question turned to my long delayed prediction of the economic collapse; one of two that has been seen as the most inaccurate prediction so far. Despite multiple triggers that would have otherwise killed the economy in regular times, Mike explained when the economy may finally come to implosion as it should have years ago.

“How long can they keep artificially inflating the economy? Only they know; and they probably have known since the 2008 crash. I have always had a theory that they might create a World War III and use it to cover up the truth. Take no comfort at all that Russia is in Syria and NATO also is moving in slowly but surely. When that all hits the fan, if there was a crash or is will take back seat to the dread of pending nuclear war. Space-based threats are probably also being kept under wraps, saved to use for fear purposes. When the populace is afraid, they don’t point fingers over the economy. The stakes are much higher.”

So while you are all distracted with ISIS and the beginnings of World War III, the economy has already imploded and many are just not aware of it yet. The stock market numbers stopped corresponding with reality around August of 2012; when I originally wrote my first crash prediction many years ago. Ever since then, the system has been built on a foundation of lies and it’s only a matter of time before this truth becomes mainstream. No matter how hard they try, the elite can’t keep this charade up forever. With horrible job numbers, political leaders that are barely scraping by disaster after disaster and mass anger from the world’s working class, the dam is going to break and spill into a revolution that takes hold of the entire world. Band aids can only hold things back for so long. I’ve been wrong about dating so far, but I have previously warned that it isn’t my strongest suit. While the dates may be off, my general prescience is indisputable. Eventually, much of what I said will come about as I’ve said it will, even if it has been long delayed and thwarted by powerful forces and my vector dating is off by a number of months. We may not know about it until months after the fact, but that doesn’t detract from my overall accuracy in predicting the future. That’s for certain; especially in times where nothing else is.

I forewarned that the longer the powers that be prevent a crash from occurring, the more devastating it’s going to be when it finally occurs. That’s what the elite have set themselves up for with these record high numbers and it’s only a matter of time now before shit hits the fan in a way that they can’t just kick the can on again and again. I’ll give you my next vectors for fulfillment when they come to me in my dreams. In the meantime, keep an eye on the news for more flares of truth sneaking its way in to the mass consciousness and remember to have emergency supplies ready on you at all times. Best wishes to you all as always. You are in my thoughts.

10 thoughts on “Why the News Isn’t Telling You the Truth

    1. I’m going to send you my prayers as well. Eliminating debt is a smart idea no matter what and having farming land will help in the transition; especially since communities are going to need them in the aftermath of war.

    1. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time. The elite really don’t like the scenes that are happening of the public protesting against the state. Did you see Parisians violating the ban on demonstrations yesterday despite the ISIS fear mongering? The elite will stir up anything to stop the people from coming together and demanding power to the collective. World War III is certainly on their agenda if nothing else works to crush popular dissent. Do not put anything past the powers that be. They have no regard for humanity or history, so anything is possible.

      1. Crazy people will do crazy things. When rationality flies out the window, anarchy ensues. Of course, this may all be a close call. Read my latest blog post. If justice can be served, this could all be prevented. It depends on if this gets shut down and if similar efforts that will arise in the United Kingdom and much of Europe are shut down for similar reasons.

      2. today is the vote for if the UK joins the bombing in syria i assume the vote gets passed which is a bad thing. do you see any bad effects coming from this?. also 2016 any feelings it will be a bad year fear n confusion?. i have a feeling the defcom level may be changed at some point.

      3. I’m not sure how the vote is going to go, but I don’t see this political tension being good for the nation. Remember I told you about the riots in the streets? Maybe this is a delayed vector that is happening now. Watch more for the public’s reaction than the politicians and also the re-accusations of Cameron cheating. That will determine what happens more than anything else.

      4. My main concern now is what is going to be the reaction from the public. That’s going to determine a lot of how this goes on. If there are massive street protests, Cameron’s life is in serious dangerous. Same with the Queen and Prince Charles.

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