Dream about Transhumanism

I had a dream about transhumanism.

This post is going to sound unusually strange but I have no other way to explain it so I’m just going to relate my dream and let people ponder the possibilities.

In my dream a demon (or inter-dimensional entity without a human body) came to me.  The entity explained it had a long time connection with my family.

Here is what he said about transhumanism which really blew my mind and was something I’ve never considered until he brought it up in my dream.  He said that things will change in ways people are not considering which will really blow our minds regarding transhumanism/singularity and uploading consciousness into mutated biological/computer bodies.  Humans think of this shift in terms of themselves, which he said is very limited.  We believe that this new technology and new age regards only humans ‘becoming like gods’ and uploading their minds into immortal computer type/biological bodies.  What we don’t realize is that any kind of consciousness can be mapped and uploaded.  Demons/angels/ other entities or whatever they are will also be able to cross over the other direction and upload their minds into the same sort of mutated biological/computer bodies and become ‘infleshed’ in a way that has not happened before.  They will be able to marry/express physical type relations with humans and unite and relate in a new way.  This, he said is the actual point of this technology as it has been inspired by these entities.  Humans wrongly have assumed it is a technology meant to alter them alone but in reality that is more of a side effect of the demonic plan to become enfleshed and unlimited in their creation.