So Much

Where do I begin? I know many who feel the heavy in the air. I know it’s only gotten heavier as time goes.

Between what I live with in my daily life, and media along with lack of any decent sleep. Finding the words for this post has been extremely difficult for me.

I have been swarmed with dreams waking me for this past month. For me they aren’t constantly, they come in waves. I wake numerous times a night…dreams are all death and destruction! So I either try to continue to sleep or get up make coffee and get on with my day.

I see so many bombings, attacks….and yes murders coming! I can not tell anyone where, because what I’ve seen is is rubble and blood. Recent days I dread sleeping, because I know what’s to come in my dreams. I realize news today are states refusing refugees, but fact is it is to late! They are already here among us! They already have plans in the making….

What we have seen is only the beginnings! They will get more destructive they will cause more death. And attacks will not be hidden like media likes to do. I hear screams in my dreams…honestly my dreams do not look like things as I know it! It’s absolutely heartbreaking! 

Now I realize our military, veterans and average citizens will ban together, but question remain if all these people can set personal issues aside to ban together, this I have not seen! I’m not sure why.

I will start trying to write down each nights dreams and maybe make some sense of them. Maybe even on here…I know Fefe would help sort out with me.