Terrorism boogie of the NWO

The NWO wishes to create a huge giant world wide terror fear campaign boogie master that is so horrible that they need a a world wide problem-creation-solution to solve and they can race in to chip everyone and create their one world religion, one world currency, one world order, no one has guns safe from terrorism zone.  This is all crap.


More guns and no countries that are disarmed like France, just waiting for the slaughter.


Customs and languages and no politically correct speech.

Here is the RED FLAG:

Anything SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!

Just read and study the pre-Hitler world-

I had a dream that the world is acting just like it did just before pre-Hitler and we are in for a huge genocide, a huge death, a huge murder, a huge Hitler like socialism is coming.

In fact, this nightmare has plagued me for now ten years, and it is what caused me to start trying to warn people.

Socialism is the arm of SATAN, the arm of genocide and has a plan to creep into the world to kill so many people.  I have seen the death in my dreams, the thirst, the starvation, the persecution.  I sometimes hesitate to post for I know I have enemies who hate me discussing this truth.

Creepy people like Bernie Sanders spouting socialism and not being red flagged just really evidence my point.  Further, Hillary might as well run on the truth that she hopes to become the socialist tyrant.

Jesus, please save America.  Please release us from the curse we are under and please save us from our sins.  We are a sick nation, evidenced by our sick abortion industry and please, our people don’t even understand the sick things our country is doing.  We don’t understand how our government is taken over and funding the sick satanist army that is killing millions abroad, mostly christians,  We don’t understand how we are killing the unborn just to sell their body parts, we don’t understand how we are funding terrorists.  We don’t understand how the USA is the center of all lies worldwide right now.

We really don’t understand that Obama is completely insane and our government is totally hijacked by those who wish to ruin the USA.

Jesus, Please help us.

and deliver us from nukes.   Those nukes are there so please deliver us and help us to be prepared.