Prediction: Huge Spike in France Like Terrorism


Open the boarders, invite the terrorists who gave the warnings and boom you will go boom.

Those on their little list, expect an incoming of bombs and shooters.

Get yourselves prepared.  This means, the second amendment.  Worldwide.

Get ready.  WWIII is here and I called it forever and now you will see true terrorism.

Yet, keep in mind this is a puppet with strings.  The NWO is behind it and it is all about the IA and shift in humanity.  It’s a game for them.  Happy playing.


4 thoughts on “Prediction: Huge Spike in France Like Terrorism

    1. At this rate I don’t believe so. I think France took the brunt of it. I also think the election of Justin Trudeau took a lot of the negative karma away that Stephen Harper had been building through his foolish decision making.

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