Politically Correct is Crap

This is a rant.

All that really matters is liberty.   We have a right to free speech.

We do NOT HAVE a right for comfort.

Some things make us uncomfy and upset us but that is life, like getting a booger.  lol.

Politically correct  is a tool from Hitler and every satan who just wishes to steal your freedom.  Sure, I despise people who are haters and racists but you must never sacrifice liberty for comfort.

Please, learn from history.  Their language control and creepy emotional manipulation is so disturbing.  What is going on in the universities is just crap.

Countries have a right to have their own cultures and language.  Even, it is normal to HATE cultures that are SHITTY like SHARIA LAW that DEGRADES WOMEN.  !!!

I said it, SHARIA law degrades women.

I’m happy I live in TEXAS where they passed six laws to keep us from Sharia Law.

They want us to sit there fighting about flags and race and not see the real enemy, the NWO bankers who took over the shadow government.  They need to go to jail.