Isis Dies in Texas

I read that Isis put out a list of US cities that it plans to target.

Seven of the cities are in Texas, more cities than any other state.

Interesting, since that is perfect timing after they hatched Jade Helm and named Texas ‘Hostile.’

Interesting, since our government funded and created Isis.

Interesting, since they want to disarm citizens right now, amid this terrorism crisis.

Interesting, since the government lists patriots and gun owners as the terrorists.

Remember the Garland Texas cartoon shooting where the only ones who died were the terrorists?

When they come to Texas, they will die swiftly as everyone exercises their second amendment here.  I just hope that they don’t take out anyone else in Texas before someone eliminates them.

FYI the cities on the list include a few nearly laughable places, hick towns where they shoot anyone who dares to move in the night.  Those terrorists are insane to think they will have fun in Texas.

Let us pray that they just don’t come to Texas.  Let us pray other cities arm themselves and get ready to defend themselves if necessary.  Don’t be a sitting duck in a disarmed zone.

3 thoughts on “Isis Dies in Texas

  1. These are the 7 cities in Texas: Texas: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Kileen. However, snopes reports: The ISIS “kill list” circulated in November 2015 was therefore not a compendium of U.S. cities which ISIS had recently announced they planned to attack, but rather a several-month-old compilation of all the town and cities in which the U.S. servicemen identified in a March 2015 ISIS report lived. Moreover, ISIS didn’t directly threaten that they were intending to kill all the service members named in that March 2015 report; they called upon ISIS supporters already in the U.S. to carry out the deed.

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