Dreams and Predictions for November 2015

Greetings everyone.

Before I list my predictions, I’d like to send my deepest condolences to the victims of the terrorist attacks in France. I feel such a sense of dread because I wrongly predicted the location and date for such a tragedy to occur. I thought this would occur in Canada in late October, but instead it was in France in mid November. I’ve been wrong about datings and locations before and this is where I wish my prescience to pinpoint could come in more clearly. Maybe my mentioning Canada saved it from a similar event, for which the people of French Canada/Quebec should be incredibly fortunate. However, what is thwarted elsewhere can eventually make its way to other parts of the world to claim its bodies for evil. This is a theme that I’ll bring addressing at a later date. In the meantime, here are some predictions and dreams that I’ve had while I was away.

1) I had a dream of a break in at the White House as the President and his family were being evacuated. There was crying and screaming from Sasha and Malia and the President was trying to tell them to get in Air Force One to save themselves from angry mobs. However, it was Sasha who warned the President not to get on the plane as it would be hijacked and he could be killed. He menacingly told her to shut up and get on the plane or she would die. She begrudgingly agreed, but as they were about to take flight, a military tank bombed the plane and several of his family members died inside. He was then put under arrest for crimes against humanity and his children were taken into hostage.

What I think this means is that there will be a militia preparing to take over the White House soon. I think these are former veterans who have become sick of the corruption of government and have taken it upon themselves to overthrow this system. I had a vision of a thought they had of Obama as a monkey. This might mean these are more conservative leaning individuals, but they may have exacted revenge for the benefit of humanity. I’m keeping my judgement reserved for now, but the image troubled me. This is in relation to my downfall post for President Obama. It’s coming soon as volatility approaches his administration in the next few days.

I also think the President’s children are warning him to save himself from his own destruction. I think his girls are very aware of what is going to happen and they are being proactive in trying to reign him in. Despite criticisms of their impact on his policy making in the past, this is one instance where humanity should hope her girls can get him to hear their pleas. They aren’t corrupt the way he is. They may be the key to saving us and him from his own self inflicted demise.

2) I had a dream of a ferris wheel on fire. Mechanical failure that sees many killed and hundreds or thousands injured. This could be the London ferris wheel, but it could be another one of a massive size as well. This is not a terrorist attack, but of poor operations that result from cheap labor practices and not investing in safety until it is far too late to do so. Capitalist greed, that’s my thought.

3) I see a massive uprising over the treatment of the homeless. Watch as this issue gains more prominence in the near future. The poor and downtrodden will have had enough and will fight back from the oppression they face. Society cannot hide its failures any longer. The time has come to change for the better.

4) Finally, I see crying pain over the loss of many loved ones. I think there’s is going to be a massive solar flare that wipes out electricity for humanity. I’ve said this before. I’m more convinced than ever that this is coming until the powers that be change their ways shortly. I’m not convinced of this. I’ll explain why another time.

I’ll update this page if anything else comes about. Look out for more blogs in the very near future.

11/17 Update: Here are a few more predictions and dreams I’ve had to share.

5) I had a sense of dread around Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. I had a dream of attending a dinner party they were having the middle of nowhere. They lived in a fancy mansion that was surrounded by a farm; possibly a plantation. Kanye seemed to be in hiding as his art work was becoming more controversial and there were threats on his life. I am still of the feeling that he could be assassinated. I thought this would happen in 2013, but maybe it will happen three and half years later in 2016 instead. Watch for what his next moves are. They could be dangerous for his life, his wife and his immediate family.

6) Football player Johnny Manziel needs to take his rehab seriously or he’ll be hitting the graveyard in the very near future.

7) Finally, I have foreseen an unusual fog in the London country side that might be caused by the solar flare I have warned about or alien interference. Either way, this will be an unusual event and should be watched carefully and scrutinized when a bull story tries to persuade people that is something else entirely.

11/23 Update: A new dream that I had last night. May be telling for a number of reasons.

8) I had a dream last night about myself and another person taking a trip to the moon. We were one of the first humans to be given liftoff to space on a private tour. I don’t remember if we ended up making it there or not, but I got on and took off into the solar system. My main concern was how we were going to eat and the pilot said we had to be fed via intravenous as taking off the helmets could be potentially fatal.

What I think this means is that the elite are preparing to leave the Earth should shit hit the fan. They are holding off collapse until they have their plans in order. That’s why they need to be stopped before they can bail out and set off for space. The other thing this means is that human travel to Mars and the Moon is imminent. We may be a mere year or two away before humans land on the moon yet again or take off into Mars for the first commercial flight. I had thought that this couldn’t happen until after the war, but maybe it will happen sooner. Watch for news on this as this remains to be seen.

6 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for November 2015

  1. shocking what has happened in paris, do you see this kind of event happening more often?. also the global slowdown appears to be happening now but at a slowpace.

    1. I wish I could have seen it for Paris and I’ve been crying because I said the wrong country last month. I said Canada, more specifically French Canada, but it must have been thwarted there and done in Paris instead. The Canadians should be blessed it didn’t happen to them. Parisians are also lucky they didn’t suffer the dream I had about two years ago with the Eifel Tower taken down by a helicopter. That would have caused more fatalities than this….though, with this being the second terrorist attack on Paris this year, I can’t say such a vision isn’t out of the question. Keep an eye out for this. Bomb threats have been reported several times before. I’m still on alert.

      Watch the stock market reaction to this on Monday. Yes, it didn’t crash in October as I said it would, but if it’s a delay of less than a month, am I really that wrong in my insights? I’m not the best in terms of accuracy in dating, but my general prescience is indisputable.

      Also, read Fefe’s tips for emergency prep. Even if shit doesn’t hit the fan right away, it’s always good to have these tips in mind. You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy.

      1. Of course they will, though I don’t necessarily think the public is going to react well when it comes time to actually declare it. It’s one thing to rally around “stopping the terrorists,” but when it’s apparent what it takes to do that and why it’s really being done, the reaction from the masses will not end up so well for the powers that be. I’ve said for a while we’re in revolutionary times. I’m still drafting my Donald Trump piece. When it’s done, you should read it. There’s something sinister lurking that everyone should be on the lookout for. In desperation, great evil may make an appearance, and it’s not the ISIS kind.

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