Dream about “Refugees”


Last night I had a dream about the arab Refugees which I believe is an indicator of a true NWO plot which is now underway and needs to be exposed.

First, I want to say that I’m part Syrian and I’ve been very upset about my prediction coming true over a mass persecution of Christians.  My mother’s family is Syrian Orthodox.  I was looking at the photos of the refugees and listening to their strange behavior where they have resettled (rapes, murders, crimes, vulgarity, disappearing, threats, etc) and I noticed that besides a few very publicized women and babies most of the photos show mostly young men who look strong, like soldiers.  There is a lack of women and children in the photos.  Further, their behavior isn’t what I would expect of arabs getting charity.  I’ve lived in Lebanon for months in a very poor muslim area of Beruit and their culture, and the culture of Syrian muslims is actually very progressive, kind and different than the rest of the middle east.  Syrians especially are not like the Saudi Wahabi radicles.  People in Syria and Lebanon are mostly horrified by extremists.  It is easy to make judgements if you are in the West and fed only by the mainstream’s media’s brainwashing interpretations.

So in my dream I was sitting in that large red leather chair and I asked the robed figures if I could understand what was happening with these refugees and the general picture of what I have seen as WWIII being developed.  I saw two animated photos become one and become two again.  The two photos were the current refugees now and the refugees from the Holocaust who went to Palestine.  This was the interpretation:

Look for the obvious pattern: We have refugees, we have political correctness and a strange way the NWO hijacked governments are forcing the europeans (and will for the Americans?) to use a specific language and to accept their culture and sharia law while forsaking their european/western/native customs.  We have seen this before: Think of the refugees from the Holocaust in Europe who became the Zionist occupation in Palestine.  The zionist refugees had suffered and at first the Palestinians welcomed them into their homes to help them in their time of need.  Christian and Muslim Palestinians alike opened their doors to these refugees and at first it seemed like the right thing to do to help.  Then, one day in 1948 the refugees started an occupation movement where they went from town to town murdering everyone in a government take over that is born from a Eugenics movement.

So, now we see this pattern repeating with the arab refugees.  They are not suffering Syrians.  This is a eugenics NWO movement where they will send these refugees by the droves into the areas they want to occupy.  They are the army of the NWO.  They will go from being refugees to being an occupation.  The governments are already empowering them in so many ways, even through the use of political correct language and behavior modification.  They are trained men.  They are there to take over and create a HUGE CRISIS that only the NWO has the solution to which includes all their goodies in their goodie bag like gun prohibition, tyranny, mass murder of Christians worldwide, mass murder of all religions world wide, one world order, one world religion, one world currency, etc.  This playbook worked so well in Palestine with the Zionists that the NWO eugenics program has launched it secretly on the large scale now in the West.

Don’t’ be fooled or sucked into this tyrannical power grab occupation plot.  Cling to the Constitution, human rights and reject Sharia law at all costs.  This ISL or whatever they are calling it now is parading around as these refugees and is the army of Satan, the army of the NWO.  If empowered and not crushed and exposed it will seek to destroy Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all religions eastern and western in order to establish eugenics and satanism.  Trees are judged by their fruit and history repeats itself.