Two Quick Things to Share


The Boy Who Cried Wolf: I have written on this site about the coming revolution in this country. I know that the FBI and other organizations have read this blog on a number of occasions. Their recent PR release about the National Liberation Militia is an attempt to scare the masses into staying suppressed, but it isn’t founded on any real facts. When you cry wolf too many times, soon people will stop believing you. That’s when the real militia groups strike; when the public has turned their collective back on the government and no loner cares when the FBI blows the whistle in such a manner. When this occurs, downfall for the elite is inevitable. Speaking of which……


On the Same Day As One, the Other: On the same day the US Senate decided to defy my warning and passed the draconian CISA bill anyway, NASA scientists have been sounding the alarm over the dangers of solar flares. Don’t think this is a coincidence by any means. I have forewarned that if the government were to do this, the internet would be shut down for a lifetime or more. That threat is beginning to form again and it will hit the earth by the end of October or early November. If the CISA bill isn’t killed in committee or by a veto of embattled President Barack Obama, then a reversion to pre colonial times is coming for much of humanity. I don’t say this be alarmist, only to warn what is coming if we don’t change our ways. There’s still time to change course, but that hour is winnowing and soon will be no more.