The Evil That Is Bill de Blasio


I know it seems odd to be talking about the embattled mayor of New York City, but I have a lot to say on this and it’s important to let it all out. It effects us all, whether some people know this at the time or not.

Bill de Blasio came to power on the heels of Occupy Wall Street promising to tax the rich and reform a broken criminal justice system. What we have seen instead is more broken promises, selling out poor communities to real estate developers and police repression, among many other things, that’s business as usual for the oligarchy that really runs the country. This is typical of communists who campaign on class warfare and go back on their promises later. It serves as warning to those who would vote for similar figures for other offices of government.

de Blasio has been shown to be a farce, as I have previously said that he would be. Not only is he a farce, as many politicians are, but his recent attacks on fundamental constitutional rights have set some alarms off in my head. They are going to spell trouble for the entire United States in the very near future if not addressed now. His police commissioner, William Bratton, a man with much mainstream media attention and an Orwellian state supporter himself, has been leading the charge on the eradication of the first, second, fourth and eighth amendments on many occasions. Those threats to our liberty will spill into other parts of the country if they aren’t repressed now; the main purpose for typing this out. Activism has failed to stop the monster and his evil has grown over many months. It’s sad what I foresee ultimately stopping this in its track, but the mayor and the police commissioner will have brought this upon themselves.

Unfortunately, it looks like assassination is in the cards for the both of them; sad as it is to say it. They have sold New Yorkers a steaming pile of dung and many are not happy about it. Managing to infuriate people of practically every political persuasion, the environment has changed to where his deahth may be coming down the pipeline. His life has already been under siege once before. Bratton has also been attacked as well. The threats to their lives will make their way again in the very near future. I have foreseen multiple incidents in visions where the men would be shot and killed at a press conference. The most vivid being a deranged man running up onto stage, shooting de Blasio, tackling Bratton and then stabbing him in the back with a knife. Perhaps this is just metaphorical, but my visions about John Boehner were similar to events that two men were arrested for in the past few years. This is not to be taken lightly. I have a strong track record of prescience to back me up. If they don’t back off their Orwellian nightmare agenda now, then the tensions in New York City will eventually enflame into a nationwide riot that results in a delayed civil war.

Watch for their collaborative evil over the next few months as it relates to many other parts of the world. From implementing very similar policies across the country to the handling of many social movements that are gaining traction at this time, their actions will trigger a reaction and may send one or both of them to their early graves. It’s a sign of what the New World Order has in store for the masses and how that implementation is not taken without a fight. I have said violence would occur, but so far it has been minimal. That won’t be the case for very much longer. Time is running out for peace to take place as the forces these men propose need to be fought back before it swallows America’s collective freedom whole. What happens in New York will make its way everywhere else over time. If it isn’t put to rest now, this is our inevitable future with the result of many murders and tears shed from the blood shed that could have been prevented from early intervention. Take this message with haste.