Solar Flare Warning


On another site, in mid 2012, I warned that there would be a massive solar flare that would shut off electricity in our lifetime if the powers that be were to ram through internet censorship measures throughout legislative bodies around the world. Those efforts were blunted, but they have reemerged again with the rushed resurgence of the CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act) that can essentially do the same thing. This is warning for those thinking they can rush this bill through unnoticed by the vast majority of the public. The solar flares have only been held back and not stopped all together. If you ram this piece of legislation through without taking into considerations the demands of the people, then that solar flare that was predicted for 2012 can make itself known again in late October or early November of this year instead. Governments know that this threat isn’t said lightly. If they want to avoid this catastrophic meltdown of society, then they have to let this bill go. Otherwise, everyone around the world will suffer for the arrogance they display and their disregard for humanity.

5 thoughts on “Solar Flare Warning

  1. one week to go in october and no signs of economic meltdown on the horizon. in fact quite the opposite, markets are rallying in the green after hints of QE. french n german data shows growth in the private sector. things are looking up no sign of pending doom whatsoever.

    1. I wouldn’t say that. Yes, the markets are rallying and it does seem odd with one week to go. However, rallies like this sometimes are what is known as “nervous rallies” meaning they try to prop up something very high before it crashes very far down. Next week is the make or break week. Even if it doesn’t fully crash in a week’s time, sustained downward trending would signal there will be trouble.

      In addition, the geopolitical problems in Israel and the threat of a debt default in the US congress in just two weeks time should give you some pause. That, plus the uncertainty with regards to Paul Ryan’s speakership, show that this month isn’t over yet.

    2. Before you go into your “see, everything is fine” spiel again, you were right, the market didn’t crash this month, though it was volatile and was black with a dip towards the end. Much of this was because the governments of the US and Europe sent mixed signals to the Wall Street bankers that are not reflective of the way things really are. The smooth election of Paul Ryan, the passing of a budget deal in the House (key is this is one branch of government), the passage of CISA and the relatively calm mood in Europe over Greek’s finances and the migrant crisis gave assurances that everything is alright. When I write another blog soon, I’m going to be using the metaphor of a leaking wall being plugged by band aids because that’s what is really happening. The fact of the matter is, Paul Ryan’s speakership may not be so steady (with threats to his life imminent for being a RINO politician), the budget has to pass the Senate which is a contentious issue already, Yellen has to decide whether she will raise interest rates this year and Greece has to decide whether they will really go along with the bailout reforms that Europe has forced upon them. All of this plays out over the next two months. In addition, I did write in another blog that the delayed suppression of protests from April to August may have messed up the timeline ever so slightly. In the event that the declining market of the last two days sees a crash next week rather than in October, am I really wrong? If I’m only off by one week, does that really change things that substantially? Think about this as certain truths begin to be revealed at this time. You’ll still need to heed my warnings if the only thing I’m wrong about is the date rather than the accuracy of my predictions. That is all.

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