Predictions for October 2015

I have a lot of blogs that I’ve been meaning to write, but this is something that I can get out of the way easily. Here are some predictions for October of 2015.

1) A house divided implodes on itself to the benefit of the minority community. In the new Speaker of the House fight (which I will go into more detail about another time), I have a very bad feeling about a plan to coup the process and place someone who is not popular among congressional members in order to circumvent opposition to wall street bailouts and gun control. This means that, after a split in the Republican voting block between Kevin McCarthy and Jason Chaffetz, Nancy Pelosi is able to scurry enough votes to reclaim her role in time for another stock market collapse. She was in the seat with the gavel when it happened in 2008. She may be again if history repeats itself. Watch for her moves and the monied interests jockeying her behind the scenes. (10/12 Update: What did I tell you? With no leader ready to step up to bat, Nancy Pelosi’s return to the Speaker of the House may be imminent. Unfortunately for her, much of what she wants to accomplish will be stopped before a challenge at the Supreme Court. Watch for it and the gun control lobby acting like Kim Davis when they get a ruling that they will not accept.)

2) Speaking of the house, John Boehner’s resignation effectively eliminates the threats on his life as the speaker has done what it wants it to do. Now my new hunch is that if Kevin McCarthy or Nancy Pelosi are able to make it into this speaker seat, they will succumb to the same threatening forces that forced John Boehner to resign prematurely. The only person who may be safe with the gavel is Chaffetz because he would be short lived due to the powers that be eliminating him before he can get ahead with his conservative agenda. Anyone else who may take up Boehner’s job faces the same threat of a linger assassination or an untimely death that he did which will shock the nation. McCarthy and Pelosi need to watch for this spirit coming out to claim a life once more.

3) The Trans Pacific Partnership deal is negotiated and presented to various chambers around the world. There may a major terrorist incident over this that delays the implementation until it is dead on arrival. This may occur in the US, as I have said it could, or it can happen in Canada, another country I have mentioned before. Either way, this is not a force to be messing with. The powers that be at the Westin ought to take themselves out of the trade table now before they may live to regret their fool hardy decision to forge ahead with this corporatist agenda.

4) Finally, there is a lingering feeling of death in the air. More mass shootings and more plots for assassinations that work out to varying degrees of success. A bloody month that culminates to a massive series of death by the time Halloween rolls around this year.

More information will be posted in the near future. Hope this is helpful for you all in the meantime.

10/12 Update: Here a few more predictions to share.

5) Kudos to our reader Ellie for pointing this out to me. Randy Quaid has recently been arrested for escaping to Canada to avoid vandalism charges. His extradition to the United States spells trouble as his revelation of dark secrets in Hollywood may be fatal to his life. If he dies in custody, it will have been because of the Illuminati silencing him once and for all. Watch for this. Unfortunately for them, his past comments will raise suspicion and his death would not be in vain.

6) Watch for the 5th of November. It will be a monumental moment where the world turns on the elite once more.

7) The stock market is still on the verge of a major collapse. Don’t be fooled by this recent rally. It will all be for nothing when the truth finally comes out in the open.

8) Finally, there’s a major mall attack in late October with major explosives and bombs that kills many people. This could make its way to Canada, but it could also happen anywhere in the world. Watch out for sales and large crowds of people. This isn’t a good time to do your holiday shopping.

10/15 Update: I don’t know if this has to do with #8, but I’ll mention this anyway.

9) I had a dream of a grave stone with the words 1997-2015. That means someone born in 1997 will die this year, someone famous. I think it’s a Canadian child star and they will become famous more for the nature of their murder than of the career they actually had living on Earth. Watch out for this. I suspect it will occur either in the end of October or the middle to latter part of the month of November.

10/20 Update: I’m not sure if this is in relation to my Silento prediction from September, but it’s best to just write this in any event.

10) In 2012, my 2015 predictions list said that Sony Music executive LA Reid would be arrested for and sentenced to jail time on multiple counts of money laundering that will fail the entire brand of his record label. With his recent spat with incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda lighting up the blogosphere, don’t be surprised if an arrest on LA Reid, coordinated by Shmurda’s posse, is imminent. It would be a fulfillment of yet another one of my predictions and show that those higher up, holier than thou personalities never get their secrets hidden for far too long. Just ask Cosby, he knows this truth. 😉

If I have anything else to write, I’ll let you know at the time. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Predictions for October 2015

  1. Looks like things are going to look different, the markets are in the Green today looks like they are liking the bad job report as no chance of a hike. No crash coming from what i can see also a deal has been reached on TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP TRADE, this will make the chance of a collapse even more remote.

    1. If they don’t get themselves around one candidate, then they will have fractured themselves into a minority. With Paul Ryan unable to sacrifice his future for the job, it’s just a matter of time. Not saying this because I like her (for the record, I actually hate her). I’m saying this as a psychic.

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