I had a very vivid dream the other night that needed its own separate post. I have a lot to say on the war in Syria and other things another time, but this must take precedent as it was long and detailed. Usually dreams are vague, but this one was not. That’s not a good sign.

I saw a dream where a number of people were gathered around talking about a disease. One of them said it was from a laboratory and that it escaped after someone who was contaminated with it left the premises. There was shock all around and the group wanted to take precautions. It was in this moment that everyone started developing a sense of paranoia around each other and couldn’t trust the other anymore.

Then I saw an abandoned town. It was completely deserted and no one was in sight. I was walking through this town and it was literally dead. There were no bodies on the ground, but I could tell that the disease had ravaged through the community. I walked through a drug store and then saw a man dead hanging from a counter. He looked pale, white and a bit ravaged with a skin disease. There were holes in his skin. He looked like a zombie. In a different part of town, another person was in a sick bed and they were dying and frail. It was very scary to watch.

Finally, there was a meeting of many powerful figures in our world. I had a feeling that they were responsible for this. They were saying that this was the only way to keep the masses in line as martial law would only provoke more violence than it could contain. They had seen what happened in Ferguson and didn’t want that to turn into a country wide event. They figured by creating a very contagious disease in a lab and spreading it across the country, it could divide the masses and seethe distrust that would allow the elite to continue on with their agenda undisturbed. It was villainous and I was scared. Then I woke up.

I have referenced an event similar to this in the past, but it was supposedly a hoax. Perhaps this is the real deal. During World War 1, the Spanish flu killed millions of people in regions torn by war. Such pandemics are not uncommon during times of war. If world war 3 is approaching, as Fefe and I suspect it is, then you should all watch out for a disease that is unleashed to the masses by the powers that be. It is means of euthanasia and will kill millions in its sight. This is very much a problem for the western world. Immigrants and the mild health should be on the most alert. Europe is the contaminated zone, but it spreads throughout the world. Keep precautions for spreading diseases in mind as you go about your day. Wash your hands repeatedly, keep distance from strangers, take immune boosting vitamins and do not get the flu shot this year. It has an agent that makes one more vulnerable to this strain than the previous ones. It is not by design, but that is the caused effect. Most importantly, however, do not allow this disease to make yourselves keep distance from your loved ones. During times of trouble, having a solid group is key to survival. These things are designed to divide. Ignore them and carry on with your relationships as such. Just stay safe and you should all be fine.

Hope this information is helpful. Hopefully, I’ll have more information to share in the very near future.

6 thoughts on “Plague

  1. well my friend it is october, asian markers are in the green for the second day in a row now. this crash looks like a failed prediction. nothing will happen i assure you, well that will be it from me now take care.

    1. Not really. It’s October 1st. The month has just begun and the geopolitical issues did spring up in September as I said they would. I’m concerned that you’re letting your guard down, but quite honestly I can only help those who want to be helped. You’ve been warned before. Don’t be surprised when it happens and you’re left with no way to combat.

  2. The CDC has issued a statement this year saying “the flu vaccine does not work this year”. I find this a very odd and ominous statement. It is hard to believe that things like this are real, but my gut tells me they are. All of these organizations like the FDA, CDC, FEMA, NSA, etc. seem to be aligned like a giant “hive mind” that has one thing in mind and that is the NWO. I have noticed that people are beginning to fight back, and that is a good sign. There are millions of us, and they are outnumbered. One question that continues to bother me though is why they waited for the world to be so inhabited to attempt to pull off initiating NWO? Why didn’t they try when there were fewer people? Does anyone know?

    1. There’s a couple of different reasons, but I’ll briefly summarize what they are.

      1) Planetary alignments of Neptune and Pluto needing to be aligned in a certain way. This only happens every two hundred or so years. If they miss their vector for the NWO now, they won’t get it again until 2242. I’m confident they’ll fail and humanity will be safe…..for now.

      2) There are certain events that must come together at the same time in order to pull it off successfully. A police state, big brother, a depreciated economy and a mass culling of millions, possibly billions of people. That means deaths are coming soon.

      3) They simply couldn’t even forty years before. The world is connected now in a world that it wasn’t before. They tried, but failed many times.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you Liam for this posting. I have had a bad feeling about this years Flu shot, not only because the Media says it doesn’t work, but WHY give it then. Thank you again.

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