Dream of WWIII


I don’t want to worry people with my dream if it just a dream but I feel compelled to tell my dream just in case it can help anyone to get prepared, educated and pray against this dream.  I dreamed that there was an EMP and people were confused as to what was going on, simply thinking that it was a power outage.  Then, there was the use of nano weapons through the air.  In my dream someone said that we need to pray against this and if/when it happens prayer will help protect us because God will protect against nano-weapons.  This dream was very vivid and miserable.  In my dream I was with my mother and on the highway when the EMP struck and all the cars suddenly lost power and I saw wrecks all over and instant death.  Then, as we were trying to walk home the air contained a nano-weapon.  I think prayer is helpful but also people need to prepare for WWIII as it has already started were Russia, China, Syria (and even France, Germany) are lining up against the USA.  In fact, who is a friend of the USA right now?  Maybe this exact dream won’t happen but I am convinced war in on the horizon and has been for a long while but time is short now.  I have been writing about all of this a long while.  Please, pray, educate yourself about possible situations and what can be done to prepare and be mindful so you understand what is going on when it happens.  In my dream it was strange to see that people really had no idea what was happening which caused an increased panic amid the tragedy.  Plus, our own government can use confusion to their benefit.

4 thoughts on “Dream of WWIII

  1. I have felt for 3 years that Donald Trump is the antichrist. If he is elected President, then he promises to make the Military stronger in USA. And he will do away with NAFTA and bring jobs back, or punish those American businesses that left the U.S. All this , I can see making the worlds countries get Angry at the U.S. and Fefe all can become reality as your dream. Yes, prayer is more powerful than we even understand.

  2. Actually, I hope nobody will call me anti-Semitic but Trump is not the anti-Christ.
    Biblically the anti-Christ will be of Jewish heritage. The Jews are still waiting for their Messiah and there are rabbi’s now saying that they need to build the 3rd temple quickly because the Messiah is coming soon. Unfortunately, they are not talking about Jesus Christ as National Israel has currently rejected him as the promised Messiah.

    …however Christ said, “I have come in my father name and you do not accept me, but another will come in his own name and you will accept him” John 5:43

    Also, Daniel talk about the Anti-Christ not regarding the Gods of his Fathers (the patriarchs of Judaism, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) but nor of any God, and he will allow sacrifices in the 3rd temple for 3.5 years and then abolish it and go into the temple and declare himself God above every God. It is the domination that causes desolation, which leads to the wrath of God for the next 3.5 years. Daniel 9:27. He maybe gay too as he will also not regard the desires of woman, which is for their husband .Daniel 9:27
    This is it we are the last generation. When the entire world attacks Jerusalem at the end of Tribulation, the Jesus CHrist himself will destroy the evil, put his feet on the mount of olives and rule for 1,000 years. Zechariah 14.

    Give your life the Jesus and accept him as your Lord and Savior.

  3. If Bible is true, if tribulation hasn’t yet started it must start by 2021.
    Christ said, this generation will not pass away until all these things are complete. The count down started when Isreal, the Fig tree Matt 24:32 became a country. Hosea 9:10.

    A generation is 70 to 80 years according to Psalms 90:10. Why be here during tribulation, why not go in the rapture before the poop hits the fan. Become a wise brides maid. Matthew 25:1-13

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