Things to Look Out For in September

I have a number of things to write about in the next few days. More on Donald Trump, the rise of right wing fanatics, a potential terrorist attack and economic news to keep you informed on where our world is going. Hope it helps. 🙂

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  1. the refugee crises is looking really bad, i have a bad feeling far right groups will spring up out of nowhere with inner city riots. but on a positive note the US job report is due today this will help boost the economic markets.

    1. Yes and I wrote about it briefly in my last post. I’l be working on these blogs soon enough. I’ve been preoccupied at the moment making it hard to jot these things down. However, I will soon and so you should still keep an eye out for it. Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. many thanks for the update. i have to admit september feels very quiet. well quiet as a mouse even.
        the stockmarkets in china have started red for the last week as well as the dow. just checked this morning and china is now in the green. i know u said from october things start to meltdown. maybe it is just me but i am trying to see what will be the main trigger that will cause the economy to collapse.

      2. I feel like a broken record saying this. Every time you say that it isn’t going to happen and every time I have to remind you what I said before. I said the markets would recover in September and it’s in October that you should be paying attention. You’re getting into that lull again. Very dangerous. Don’t want you to be caught off guard because you want things to be OK, rather than things actually being OK. That’s all I’m going to say for now.

      3. Not really a dud. This is the last quarter cycle of a downturn. It’ll start by the end of the month and get progressively worse until the end of the year. From there, you can expect an actual recovery by the end of May or early June of next year. In the meantime, you keep ignoring the fact that the markets are increasingly volatile, the refugee crisis I predicted for the US actually happened in Europe instead and there are still several crises upcoming that have yet be to be resolved (Pope’s visit to America, government shutdown, IMF involvement in Greek bailout, eg.). If you fail to watch the signs, you’ll fail to be prepared for when shit hits the fan soon. That’s all for now.

      4. good to hear from you hope things are good. yeh the economic markets it is bizzare. not sure how things play out in the USA but just checking now and they appear to be showing rosey figures for retail etc. also looks like there will be no fed rate hike. not sure if more QE but to ne does that show a lack of confidence on how weak the economy is?. so difficult to work out the ups n downs and what to believe. the migrant situatuon appears to be growing but is not affecting anyone i know in the UK.

      5. What i don’t understand is if it is meant to be an economic meltdown how would it recover so quickly?, plus it looks like the Fed is going to print more money again, but surely that would signal the economy is weak and lack of confidence?.

      6. It recovers faster in some places and not so much in others. In the US, it recovers rapidly and in Europe a little quicker, but in Asia, South America the Middle East and Africa, it’s a years long affair until their economies can stand strong again.

      7. It appears that the cogs are starting to fall off the economic world engine. A lot of countries one example Taiwan’s central bank says it cut benchmark interest rates for the first time in 6 years. A lot of countries appear to all of a sudden to be being this. A sign of desperate measures?

      8. There are no bullets dodged at all. In fact, the fact that the fed did not raise interest rates means they cannot kick the can down the road any longer. A stock market collapse is imminent due to many of the factors I keep stressing. When this occurs, the rate to save the economy cannot be any lower than zero. The only interest rate lower than zero is a negative interest rate which means the taxpayers owe the bank. That’s the course towards enslavement and martial law in our lifetime. That’s when the violence begins, whether you’ll acknowledge it or not.

        Not only do lower interest rates mean enslavement, but many major political figures are going to start facing the threat of military coup soon enough. Jeremy Corbyn’s rise in UK politics has had military officers threaten it openly. The US military has also threatened it if the Republicans won’t raise their budget in the omnibus budget bill this year. There are threats to lawmakers over this, especially troubling because this is a large part of why the US is on the verge of collapse. In fact, a US government shutdown is now more likely than ever at a 75% rate. The Pope’s visit to town today and the deadline being ten days away means another shutdown is approaching. When this happens and decreased military spending comes along with it, it will become a major disaster. That, and a few other geopolitical events in Eastern Europe, will spark the flames necessary for war on this Earth.

        I really wish you wouldn’t get too complacent. It’s incredibly dangerous and I fear that you’ll be caught up in the crowd when you didn’t get your priorities in order before it was too late to do so. If you can’t be saved, I can’t save you. However, do not breathe any sigh of relief. Things are about to get much worse.

      9. Hello,

        things look like they have changed since i last wrote about the no hike issue, today markets have tanked across Europe and the US is deep in the red. The Volkswagen company issue looks to be pretty severe and could have a knock on effect with the car industry. Also noticed on there appears to be a lot of job losses cropping up companies laying off. Over here in the UK things are getting strange, Corbyn now Cameron with the pig issue and revelations about him in a book are springing to light.
        The refugee crises seems to be deepening, i think the EU has lost control what are your thoughts?.
        Also the 23rd of september is doing the rounds on the internet not sure what to make of it.

      10. Hello,

        I have not heard from you in a little while, well we are almost on October. The signs are looking bad for the economy, although on the link below every little snippet of so called could news the MSM are painting a happy picture:

        The volatility continues as the markets are in green today, it’s insane. Now as you say October is the bad month, how bad could we be talking now?.

      11. hello liam,

        i was wondering if i coild have your thoughts on this today please. i was watching a clip this morning from janet from the fed. she looked ill and bearly managed to finish the speech, maybe stress of what she knows is coming and the rest of us dont?. she seemed to hint at ratea being raised later this year i dont belive this and it is mearly the carrot dangling effect again. the markets have shot in the green because of this srntance it is insane how people are being gulable and buying into a failing market. also hearing rumours that the big german bank could be in trouble, what are your thoughts on how things will go with the german vaulxwagon?. surely if they dare rise rates this will pop an already dangerous inflated bubble?

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