Preparedness: Where There is No Gun Home Defense Idea


Here is another preparedness idea from left field.  I came across this idea just this week because I accidentally spilled Drano on my carpet and had to clean it up and realized the complete toxicity and sinister danger of this common household chemical.  I realized if a person didn’t have a gun or pepper spray but needed an effective, fast, DIY weapon to defend their family against a home intruder that Drano would be a very effective last resort.  I’m sure there are other toxic chemicals which would also be helpful in a desperate last resort to defend your family and home against a home intruder.  I’d not put it lightly in a spray bottle without a Mr. Yuck sticker and keeping it high on the shelf far away from the hands of children or family members who might mistake it for water.  This is just an idea I had the other day and wanted to put it out there for people who might be in a state of desperation one day….you might one day be in a position where you need to think outside the box.  Don’t be a victim, arm yourself with a DIY weapon and fight against some home intruder trying to cause you and your family harm.  You have every right to defend your home and family.  This method might be best used in conjunction with another family member and their method for home defense.  Be very careful with such a chemical, it can blind you, cause horrid burns on your skin, etc.  Honestly, I think the number of terrible accidents with Drano must be great because they have a 24 hour medical team hotline complete with a vet team to help your pets who might have encountered it too!!!

One thought on “Preparedness: Where There is No Gun Home Defense Idea

  1. I have another to add to this list. Cans of Food, they can be heavy and dangerous, almost like throwing a BRICK. In a pillow case, cans can be a useful weapon. =)

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