Preparedness Solution: Liquid Fish Looter Repellant


A rather hilarious preparedness solution I came up with is using Liquid Fish Fertilizer for home defense in addition to your other home defense preparedness.  Basically, my theory is that looters would not really find the STINKY house that smells like ARSE  and ROTTEN FISH very appealing.  This prep is in ADDITION to your other preps and I’m in no way suggesting that it is the sole home defense preparedness needed.  Anyway, I came across this idea on accident and was calling it: assault with the liquid fish.  lol.  I was doing some front yard bucket gardening and my son insisted on getting liquid fish fertilizer because he read the Native Americans used it and he thought it was neat.  I reluctantly bought it because it was a gardening project we were doing together.  The neighbors were so disgusted by the scent of the liquid fish in the Texas heat of summer that they actually moved away!  It was honestly, the worst and most disgusting smell I have ever had the displeasure of enduring.  Worse than rotten eggs, cat box, rotten barf, dirty diapers and rotten potato combined, the Liquid Fish stands apart as intolerable to the human olfactory glands, in my opinion.  If you hunt, it might be on par with liquid buck bombs which attract deer with the scent of the female….another good looter repellant.

So, in my idea, if SHTF and looters/riots etc break out around you or even starving people are wondering the streets if you make your house appear ransacked and add a heaping quantity of liquid fish to your yard, your windows and the door….well, I just think the looters will wonder if the house smells so disgusting on the outside it must be even worse on the inside.

One jar of liquid fish only costs about $7.  You can buy it online or at a hardware/gardening store like Lowes or Home Depot.  I think it works best in the heat if you want to create a rank smell.  If you never use it to repel looters then you can use it for gardening.  Either way, it is a winner.

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