Preparedness Solution: Dettol for Disease, Infection, Cleaning


An overlooked preparedness item is an inexpensive product from India called Dettol.  Most Americans have never heard of this product unless you wondered into the cleaning isle of an international market.  You can order it online or find it at your local Indian/Pakistani/international market.  It comes in a variety of forms and serves a variety of purposes.  I bought the concentrate which is a fairly large bottle and appears to go a VERY long way.  My bottle cost $5.  On the bottle it says it is used to stop plagues/the spread of rampant diseases, to treat infections, as an antiseptic, for cleaning, after surgeries, etc. the list goes on and on of uses.  The label has directions for how to dilute it for the intended use.

One of the great problems humanity will face in an ongoing crisis is infections and disease.  This product is a great addition to preparedness items in your medicine cabinet.  A family member had an infected cut on his hand and used this product and it worked like a charm.  In a SHTF scenario such an infection could mean death and this product used correctly could mean life.  Just be very careful and follow the directions because this product is very strong.

(Another idea for preparedness solutions I found online is fish antibiotics.  This is an interesting thing to look into if you are worried….I am not the master of medicines but enjoy researching different types of natural and man made products.)

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