Preparedness: Endless Water Supply in you Home

solar_generator_h006_lrg Photo8-FrigidaireFDM30R1LARGE 21tXBhIqNnL

I dreamed a solution to creating an endless water supply in your home.  Simply get a solar generator, a dehumidifier and a very nice water filter (like the BERKEY).  The solar generator is needed to run the dehumidifier in the event of a long term power outage.  The dehumidifier extracts water from the air and it collects in a bucket, in a human area like I live I can get up to three buckets from my small home which is more than enough for a family of three, or at least to flush the toilet if that is how I choose to use the water.  The water filter makes sure that the water is potable.

This solution works best if you live in a humid area.  I think there is some sort of substitute you can make if you life in a dry area, a machine that extracts water from the air but you need to research this on your own.  People die within three days of not having water.  Toxic water will kill you even faster.   Water is necessary for hydration and cleaning.  Methods for collecting rain, like rain barrels, are a good addition to my plan I have outlined here for you.

I know this isn’t a normal ‘psychic prediction’ but I did dream about solutions for preparedness problems.  I feel it is necessary to share these ideas and help others find solutions.  Further, in light of this blog’s predictions it is our duty to help provide ideas for solutions to help your family through difficult times.

I ask the question too: the trolls that love to criticize and present negativity regarding our site tell you that everything is ok, go to sleep and do not prepare.  We not only give warnings from our dreams and visions we try to present a variety of solutions.  In my dreams and prayers I know that our messages reach the people they are meant to reach and help them in good ways.  xx