Greece Will Be Returning to the News Tomorrow


There’s not really much here to say except that Greece’s economic woes will resurge around the evening time tomorrow. There’s a big showdown that is resolved around the bailout talks and there’s a major push for more than the creditors can handle. When this talk snaps, it may be nearly impossible to get it restarted again. Default and a grexit is inevitable. So far, despite repeated kicks of the can and forced talks prolonged by economic hegemony, I have said that they will exit the eurozone. Let’s see what is made of a new revelation that comes out in the next few days. It will turn the country upside its head and make it wish that would have stopped the talks much sooner. It will become a day that the Greeks may soon wish to forget. Keep an eye on this space. More information is coming in the next few days.

The Rise of Jewish Racism and Black Anti-Semitism


This may seem like an odd topic to discuss in the face of many other important events at this time, but it has more of a role to play in deciding future events than many other things will in the near term future. With the state of Israel and the African Community more vulnerable than ever before, there are efforts to create divisions amongst the two groups that are not healthy or productive for world unity. Senator Chuck Schumer coming out against the impossible to accept Iran deal is only going to exacerbate this problem and fuel tensions with President Obama that spill into daily confrontations between the two minority groups. Like with many fights over white vs black and christian vs muslim and north vs south, the fight between Jews and Blacks is going to come into extreme prominence very soon. It’s already had some flares up in the past. Now with Schumer pitted against Obama on a major policy achievement of his administration, it’s going become an immediately disastrous affair that sees ruin and misery rise up in its place.


Anti semitism in Black community has always been there. The Russell Simmons horse carriage scandal is just the latest in a long series of it that span back decades in the making. It causes tensions and sees historically strong ties fray as a result of these divisive engagements. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have played off these fears before as Deray and others may well do so in the future. Even those such as Michael Jackson have stepped in it more than once in the past. As the influence of Israel on police brutality becomes more mainstream, more anti-semitism will be directed at Jews in response to their support of the police and their brutality on the community. This will cause more confrontations and make things worse. If this is a preview of what is to come, then the near term future is not good for these relations. I would hope that common sense could prevail, but emotion is clouding a lot of judgement and bad decisions will be by those reacting in anger to these actions. This will be pitted off by American Arab activists hoping to stretch the truth to advance their agenda. This will only be a short lived affair, but it isn’t going to be pleasant when the end comes about.


As the tensions rise in the black community, they will also rise on the corresponding side of the equation as well. Jewish racism is being fueled by anti-semitic actions, but also by actions that are being made in the Jewish community at large. Whether it’s poor treatment of black people in general, financing their oppressors, failing to provide justice for those in need, burning Christian churches or just being an outright bigot, Jewish people will not be able to hide from this truth for very much longer. From their treatment of the Palestinians to those not deemed worthy enough to claim the Jewish mantle, the rising tensions will force the Israeli government and American Jews in general to face up to very difficult realities. It’s coming to the forefront and they will have to address it in a very urgent manner. It must come from peaceful means to be effective, but the window for that opportunity is small and narrow. Act now or the opportunity will disappear into the horizon. Don’t lash out when these issues are coming to the forefront. Instead, embrace them as the promise of reform and change that will come about. Failure to do so may serve as the strike number three that does Israeli state legitimacy in for a lifetime.


When all of this is said and done, many losses will be sustained. As President Obama is taken down as a result of this poorly negotiated pact, he takes Senator Schumer down with him and destroys his dreams of being the Senate Democratic majority leader forever. Leaving the void open in the Democratic party with two of its major leaders eliminated will change the dynamic of the country forever. In its place will come a cleansing of moderate members in favor of leftist reform by those deemed to be far more radical than ever before. In some ways, this is for the best interests of the nation. However, the ruins that come about from this in fighting will leave long lasting feuds in place that will hurt jewish/black relationships for many years to come. It’s sad it’s come to this, but this is a long time in the making. When you make bad karma, you never know when disaster is finally coming to smack you in the face. It may not be the end of time to make a course correction, but my psychic hunch says that it’s unlikely we’ll see this occurring in the next few months. As a result of this chain of events, the relations between the two communities are ruined for a lifetime or more. Sorry to say it, but there’s a limit to the oppression that can be exhibited on both sides of the equation.

Donald Trump as the Beast and Sarah Palin as the Whore of Babylon

I’ll go into more detail about this another time, but let me say this for now. I’ve written that Donald Trump’s rise was something to watch before. I thought it was a mere monkey wretch into the political process and nothing more than that. I was very wrong. When I read about this pairing of Trump and former Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin, it gave me a very bad vibe. As his poll numbers shock the establishment and the ridicule of him is fueling his support, a very bad feeling rolled down my spine. This is very familiar to another famous antichrist in world history. A German like Trump was laughed at decades before he rose to power and unleashed the greatest evil of the 21st century. You know who this man is. Don’t laugh at Trump anymore, for the sake of humanity. The devil only gives him power now to serve his ultimate Satanic agenda. Stay tuned for more information about this prediction. His and her rise are no accident as they may be potential placeholders for the infamous roles of the Beast of Revelation and his corresponding Whore of Babylon. It’s not good for the American people and it’s not good for the security of the world’s most powerful nations either.

Major Female Celebrity and President Obama’s Deaths Imminent

This could be my imagination, but with my prescience as a recorded document, I need to make my case. The summers of 1962 and 1997 were some of the most tumultuous in history. This is because corruption behind the gates of power led to the deaths of two major female icons; Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana. Both died in August and both have left their mark from their untimely loss via Illuminati sacrifice for decades. Although the span between 1962 and 1997 was 35 years and we should not expect another such tragedy of this magnitude until 2032, there’s a strong energy in the air that may led to the death of a major Hollywood icon or princess/heiress of royalty or even a famous socialite in the following months time. Those who are most vulnerable are as follows:

Britney Spears
Kate Middleton
Paris Hilton
Lady GaGa
Angelina Jolie
Pamela Anderson
Kim Wilde
Mariah Carey

There are many other blondes and brunettes of vitality that could be effected as well, from A-listers Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon to lower D-listers like Heidi Montag and Kesha. Whoever is effected will leave a loss that will be devastating for humanity.

It will also pave the way for a foiled plot on President Obama’s life either the following year or in November of this year. Those are based on the successful assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 and the political assassination of President Clinton’s life in 1998. It will be his final swan song as his safety will have been compromised and he will be forced to resign due to the further ongoing threats on his life. Maybe this has to do with the Iran deal that will be voted on in congress in September or the economic crash that is coming in October. Either way, if any of these women leave us this month, then his life will be in immediate danger of an untimely end in the following year. He has turned on the public, which is why, along with his 2008 election year, I feel he is ultimately saved from assassination death. However, it will be a calamitous year that revolts against our societal norms and changes our future going forward forever.

Watch out for the following month. It may be the deciding factor in how all of our future’s come about on this timeline.

August 15th

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.36.49 AM

Our MK ULTRA patsy spy has provided us with a new date that we all should watch out for; August 15th. This may be another day that the elite will create a false flag terrorist attack; just as they did on the June 12th date that our patsy spy accidentally provided us with in our original correspondence with him. Keep an eye out for it. Something major be happening on that day in August; possibly in regards to the death and/or injury of many children.

Watch This…Fulfillment is Imminent

Before I go for an extended hiatus, I have a number of things I’d like to get off my chest first. Normally, I try not to post videos directly on our website to fulfillment the visions I have had. However, I felt it was necessary to showcase the one above. It’s a direct fulfillment of a vision I had only a month ago. It’s not the only one that fulfills it, but it is the closet to the prominent accuracy of the original writing yet. Watch out for more of them soon. They are coming in the near future as the elite realize they do not control the universe and that their world is crumbling apart in the span of only a few months time. 😉

A Break

Normally, I try to write as much content as I can. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control are forcing me to evacuate within the next few days. I sometimes hint that these things are going to happen and then I buck those trends temporarily. However, I always come through on my intentions and will be making them explicit in my actions. Pray for me to help fight off those that wish to bring me harm. Thanks for your love, kindness and support as always. 🙂 ❤