A House of Cards


This is a general message that I received tonight from the spiritual world. I got a vision of a house of cards falling to the ground. What I believe this means is that many people who are held in high esteem are going to suffer a newly created downfall in the next few days. This will happen in many places, among many faces, both high and low, and the results will be tragic to say the least. I got this vision after a fight I had today, which I won’t specify further. Just know that this isn’t going to end well for many famous people. It has somewhat of a relation to the Apple Music prediction from months earlier, but this is more comprehensive and expands to places that you would never guess it would occur at first. I wish I could have empathy for these particular people, but many of them deserve it and some that don’t really aren’t that sympathetic when you dig around and find out who they really are. This particular message isn’t in regards to the majority of my readership. This has more to do with the most famous among you and those in the highest echelons of power. Hope you are all doing well. I have some other posts to share soon. Keep an eye out for them in the near term future. 😉