Confessions of Fefelove: Predictions

I have been having some really out there ideas that I want to share.  I don’t know if they are simply fears or revelations.  If this somehow helps us I want to say it because I am here to try to help effect a good and healthy and productive future for humanity.

  1. Humans have practically no idea of the weapons that our government has at its disposal.  Please research ‘Project Blue Beam” and other high tech weapons.  The elites are desperate to usher in the NWO and have been failing in their simple false flags.  Therefore, they just might pull out all the stops.  They could stage an alien attack or a second coming of Jesus or a Rapture event.  Did you know they have technology that can make you hear voices in your head?  Control your emotions?  Control your senses? Smart dust that can make you die in seconds or control your body or sexuality or mind?
  2. What if the pope baptizes an alien and tries to usher in the one world religion?  An old prophet wrote that this is the last pope (Malichai) and he is already declaring a new path with new ideas and a one world religion, that a personal relationship with Jesus is bad, that caring about abortion is bad, that carbon taxes are necessary, etc.  He mentioned an alien disclosure and the Vatican has those telescopes and etc.  Something is up, and its a NWO agenda which is AI Alien takeover.
  3. If they can’t get Hillary in the white house there is always plan b, which is Obama never ending term.  ?
  4. Cern: what the hell is it, what is it going to unleash?  Will it really unleash something or will they stage the false flag around it?
  5. September 23, there is a lot of illuminati fuss over this date so if anything happens Sept-Oct I’d bet my bottom dollar it is an orchestrated nightmare of the NWO designed to create the NWO
  6. They want the guns; they will go after them it is only a matter of time.  War is coming so get ready.  It will blow up in the south
  7. Here is my creepy thought:  if in the future they figure out the singularity and time travel they go back and plant misleading info and distractions in our time frame which we are living.  It is likely this has happened and we are experiencing their manipulated views.  They plant dates in movies and songs and media and that is because they can see back in our time from the future.  What if the singularity is already passed or in 2015.  What if Jade Helm is the start of the singularity in our time.
  8. Our government is a puppet of the NWO.  The NWO is a puppet of who?  Some kind of advanced AI aliens.  They keep erasing evidence of giants, of Biblical truth, planting bad ideas, misleading, all the secrecy, all the conspiracy…..the poison.  Only an alien agenda would want to wipe away humanity.  ??

Ok these are my weird ideas.  For what they are worth.

Fears or reality?  Stuff to consider.



2 thoughts on “Confessions of Fefelove: Predictions

    1. I think they need a worldwide financial collapse in order to get their one world currency as a part of the NWO. War and collapse will go hand in and hand so they can blame the collapse on the war. They want complete chaos. Order from chaos. The elites have run to their bunkers and everyone seems to be suggesting collapse is due in September/October. We know it is coming if they get their way. When do they get their way? Will their way be delayed by Oath Keepers? I’m sure Jade Helm is the start of something, the first stage of the AI domination…..I’m sure the war will include China/Russia/ against the USA and Israel will be seen as a backstabber…..they are already giving our info and arms to China/Russia. Hummmmmmmmm……its entirely possible they get their way. They like the symbolism of this time and they need to rush to get their agenda accomplished before the singularity is more obvious/out in the open of the public stage. I’m very worried personally about this time period and some of my friends have been emailing warnings of this time period. I suppose only time will tell and we just need to pray very much right now and tell them no, we don’t accept your NWO.

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