Why, Mariah? Why?

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Why Mariah? On the exact month of imminent danger for a major female celebrity, you go ahead and post this on your Twitter account. What more can you do to tempt fate? I already wrote this warning to you three times before. You really need to heed my words before you get yourself murdered. You aren’t safe again until at the very least the end of this month. Remember, Diana, Princess of Wales died on August 31st. That means you’re in danger of being sacrificed by the elite until the very last millisecond of the very last day of this month. I’d also advise you to be vigilant about your safety until the end of this year as well, but especially in this remaining time of the month. Please stop tempting fate. They are already out to get you and you are inviting them in to make a kill for their God of Baphomet. Shut them out soon. The hour is approaching where your freedom to choose your own destiny will be decided for you against your own free will. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. There’s not much time left to turn your history around for the betterment of your journey here during your remaining time on Earth. 😦

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