Coming to America: Starring Pope Francis


There’s a slight feeling in the air that the Pope is a fraud. Despite multiple reports showcasing the latest Pontiff’s corruption, there is still an air of good will around him that will not dissipate. That will change in the next month. On his doomed trip to Philadelphia, much scandal about the corrupt Catholic Church will come to light as those with a bone to pick with him will air out dirty Catholic laundry in all the cities he will be visiting during his time in the United States. This is going to change the way we view the church forever. In the worst case scenario, blood of the pontiff may spill between the land of two rivers. In this case, that is the corrupt city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


This will be a time of tensions for much of the United States. Led by corrupt catholic police officers and the public servants that worship them, the element of anti-catholic sentiment will arrise in the Black community. Like with the anti-semitism rising in the Jewish hostility to the black lives matter movement, this will also reflect poorly on the Catholic church and all of its worshipers. The Pope may want to meddle into this issue or he may be forced to take it on by outside protestors. When he does make a statement of some sort in regards to the national crisis, he’ll only make it worse, like Cardinal Timmy Dolan during Eric Garner’s memorial service last month. The tension will come to a cross at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul (that’s the church my visions have set their sights for, but it could be another affiliated church as well…remains to be seen). A major march will take place there for an African American boy who was murdered at the hands of the police (either previously or before his arrival….though a newly murdered young man seems more likely). When the two cross paths, it will flare up the city and leave the pope’s entourage threatened and vulnerable to a severe attack on his vehicle. This will come to a head at the time of a mass that correlates with a rally for the young man on the opposite side of the city. When the shots are fired, like they were in Ferguson two nights ago, it will leave mass casualties in its place; one of them being the body of a deceased Pope Francis.

The other problem for the Pope is that it will not just be the police brutality issues that tangles up his message of hope and peace. The long unresolved pedophile scandal, his commitment to banning abortions and his hostility towards gays and lesbians will also become a major campaign issue that will spur itself out onto him on top of the other issues he will address this trip. This will essentially blow up during his major address to the United States congress (something the founding fathers would have flatly rejected and made much of a stink about) where interruptions, walk outs and major security threats follow. He will accompanied by angry bigots who will shield him from this news, but even he will know that these addresses will stoke hostility towards him and his church as a whole. When all of this dust settles, it will leave him either very wounded or physically deceased; neither of which is a good option to pursue at this time.


When this all coming about, the Vatican itself will be under siege by an angry mob of people. A mass protest occurs over a property dispute or some lack of action on economic equality and housing rights. With his absence as a catalyst, a break in to the facilities may occur and mass arrests follow in its place. He may not make it alive there to see it fall apart, but a newly elected pontiff may save off the ruins and redeclare the Vatican under his own name alone. When they are able to reclaim the nation, a lingering anger following the events follows suit. This will only suppress itself to the surface for so long. Eventually, they will have to address what will come across during his time in America. He’ll wish he stayed home when all of this is said and done. For a church with much bad karma coming back in a horrendous direction, it’s nice to see some retaliation come from the spiritual world against their mass corruption for far too long. Sad as it is for many of their followers, they will be hit with a major revelation that will make many minds wither in its place. The time to be a Catholic will be made much tougher by the end of this year. Sorry to say it, but the spiritual world works in mysterious ways.

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